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2950x Workstation Build [Help!]


Hey guys!
I have to upgrade my workstation and I really need some help! I’m thinking about getting a 2950x, it seems to have a pretty good value. My main use is for 3D modeling and rendering (I use both gpu and cpu to render). Would have to be a reliable system since I let it running on full load for hours or even days nonstop. The problem is: I am a totally noob and It’s been extremely hard to find a build that would work 100% guaranteed to use as a guide. I would like to keep my case, PSU and gpus.
A noob question: would be a problem to run 2x Titan X Maxwell + 1x GTX 1080? I already run them it’s been a long time without problems in my current system.

What I need:
-CPU: 2950x (Or other?)
-Mobo: thinking about a MSI MEG Creation
-Mem: at least 64gb but with possibility to upgrade to 128gb next year but don’t have a clue about what kit getting.
-a reliable cooling system (water or air) but one that doesn’t block any of the PCIe slots.

Budget: 2000 Euros ideally, 2500 euros max.
I live in Italy and I would like to buy all the pieces on

My my current build is:
CPU: i7 4930K
Mobo: ASRock X79 Extreme 6
Mem: 48Gb DDR3 1600mhz (6x8)
GPU: 2 x TITAN X (maxwell) + 1x GTX1080
PSU: Corsair Aix1200i
Case: Corsair 750D Obsidian Airflow Edition

Thank you!!

  • You haven’t mentioned OS or software in specific, so the answer is if the GPUs run now with said given program in said current OS, they will with a TR as well.

  • If you want any kind of air cooler (regardless of size) and no PCIe slots occupied, only one option for you, the X399 Taichi. I don’t log in here often, so i may not be around for a re-reply, but take my word for it (mind you, a few months from now we’ll be getting the newest TR SKUs, meaning new mobos as well; things might change then).

  • If clearance wasn’t an issue, as you do mention AIOs as a possible alternative? The MEG is still not a good idea; too many reasons to list here, but pure performance/practicality-wise, forgetting looks and bling?
    Either the Taichi (not the compact ‘M’ variant, the X399 Taichi period) which is mentioned above, or the Gigabyte X399 Aorus Extreme; if an AIO or proper custom loop is something you’d consider, as on air cooling you’d be losing the first PCIe slot.

  • If on an AIO, pick the Liqtech TR4 V2 version, but make sure it’s the V2 version. 360 would be best, but if you can’t fit it, you can’t fit it.

  • If on air, three options:
    i) you don’t mind some noise and want the extra performance? Then Thermalright’s Silver Arrow for TR4 + an additional TY143 fan (ships with two, get a third one.)
    ii) if you mind noise, buy the NH-U14S TR4-SP3, run it stock.
    iii) if neither anal about sound nor raised in the early 80s (my printer was louder than my doorbell), you can yet again buy aforementioned Noctua, exchange its fan with two TY143s. Beastly fans, not expensive, could recommend them all day. This last is your middle of the road kind of approach.

  • For three GPUs and a 16core monstrocity, i’d be rather hesitant of that 1200 PSU. You could, but i can also foresee situations where one couldn’t because it just wouldn’t be enough. On top of that and as an aside, PSUs have a certain range within which they are most efficient. You’d be well outside it i think.

  • If looking for a new PSU, buy the EVGA 1600 T2, don’t ask, don’t think, thank me 10 years from now when it will still be going.

  • RAM can be tricky, due to your limited budget. Ideally, you’d go to GSkill’s website, look for AMD-friendly RAM kits and pick your poison from there. They are however expensive. Below said price range, honestly just get the best/most expensive you can get (leave it for last maybe?) and you’ll take it from there. RAM is RAM, unless you have “demands” that is :stuck_out_tongue:
    And “demands” cost.
    (a minor note here, said GSkill models are ‘safe’ to buy. For anything else? Check your mobo’s QVL list first)

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Considering this machine will be used for work and the MEG X399 has a very solid VRM (wich will help in 24/7 operation), you should definetly bring forth some reasons.

All parts running full tilt would land arround the 1000W mark, so 1200W is good.
The efficency curve arguments is null anyway since 80plus gold (and better) PSUs. At >90% PSU efficency, the heatloss on the VRMs on mainboard and GPU is far greater.

Twice the price of the 1300W Seasonic Prime Platinum, not a good deal.

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I would stay away from the Enermax coolers. Even the V2 units are failing. Not sure if there’s another good AIO option, personally I switched to the Noctua NH-U14S and have been happy with it. It will block the first pcie slot on some of the boards though as mentioned.