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2950x suddenly running too hot


Hi guys got some weird things happening in my system today.
I got a 2950x on a MSI MEG Creation Mobo with Liqtech 360.
I leave in New Caledonia and the computer is in a place without AC so the temps have always been a little hotter than normal. But suddenly they are getting out of control the cpu is idling around 58C, running 65/67C while just browsing the web and through the roof when doing anything else.
I’m running Fedora 29 on kernel 5.0.7-200 and I didn’t change any bios settings since more than a month, I checked the pump of the aio it’s reporting normally in the hardware monitor.
Any Ideas?



has it looked like it is running hot since kernel update or monitoring s/w update?

possibly the monitoring software is reporting the fan profile temp and not the actual temp instead of what it was doing before?

just a thought.

what does the bios monitoring say?



I would phicicall inspect the Liqtech 360, things like pump spinning or if the air being blown is hotter of cooler then normal and all three fans spinning.

Also you can reboot and see what the BIOS is reporting for temp



A lot of people have reported corrosion/gunk clogging the hot plate / Micro-fin on the Liqtech 360 after 6~ months of regular use.

If it’s still under warranty reach out to Enermax and get them to swap it out.

Or you would probably need to take it apart and clean it, as well as put in some new fluid with an anti-corrosive additive.

They aren’t too hard to take apart and clean if you wanted to go that route.

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Is it the Liqtech or the Liqtech II? If the former you probably need to RMA it – it’s getting clogged.

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I’ve seen people upset with the liqtech version 2 suddenly clogging up as well, after having their original version replaced.

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I have been fortunate. I have 1 1st gen and 2 2nd gen running 24/7 doing work/getting hot and (knock on wood) no failures yet.

One source told me that a 2-3 month production run of the 1st gen was fouled up but that they caught half of them. They were sold for scrap/recycling but then appeared on gray market sites instead of being destroyed, but I couldn’t get any confirmation of that.



Yeah it’s been disheartening to hear of the failures as well.
I have an Enermax ELC-LMR240-BS Liqmax II 240 that I’ve had going for nearly 3.5 years, and only just recently had to take it apart to add more fluid because it was starting to pop. There was only some slight debris/?crystals? caught in the fins. So I’ve personally have a fond opinion of the one enermax cooler I’ve had, especially since their pricing made them disruptive in a very limited market at the time.

That’s an interesting thing to note about the grey market stuff. That would definitely explain some of the continued headaches.



I picked a brand new liqtech version 1 back in November from Enermax’s store on amazon. After 35 days later it failed making noise and was running hot. I Just had create a support ticket with them and provide a bill of sale. They’ll ship you out a new one (version 2) once you ship the old rad/pump back.

Good luck with the RMA



I’m getting some strange noises coming form the Liqtech like something is rattling inside so maybe some clogging has happened. It’s a first gen running 12/7 give or take for 4 month now so that may it I’ll try swapping it under waranty. It’s running a bit cooler today after a night off but still on the 50s at idle.



that’s a sad info but mine comes out of a reputable store I never had an issue with their hardware before.



After a few minutes I’m back at 68C with just firefox open and the CPU is declocking sometimes to 550MHz than go back to 2.5GHz but never to the 3.5 it’s supposed to be.



i see a RMA in your future. or a tower cooler and a RMA with the tower cooler staying as a backup.

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I’d like to stay away from tower cooler first because as mentioned I leave in New Caledonia right in the middle of the tropical Pacific and the tower is staying in a place without AC so ambient temps can be a little crazy and secondly I got ripjaws V ram sticks so clearance can be an issue here. I’m thinking of getting an RMA and maybe buying another aio so I’d keep the liqtechI as backup.
Any recommendations? liqtech II?



I got a version 2 with the RMA, idles temp on my 2950 are 28-35C and during encoding 48-55C with a load of 22 from top. But again this is only a few months old now.