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2950X on Zenith Extreme - BIOS question


Hi L1,

Am totally new to PC building, but am about to assemble a 2. gen. Threadripper system on a brand new ASUS Zenith Extreme X399 MB.

I know that the BIOS version needs to be 1402 or higher to support my 2950X, but how do I ensure that the BIOS is up to date? I have the latest BIOS version on a stick, but can I update the BIOS if the MB doesn’t recognize my 2950X? Can I boot into the BIOS even if it is an old (pre-1402) version and I have the 2950X in the socket?

I bought the MB late October 2018 and 1402 was released in August, but I gather that ASUS cannot be relied on to make sure the BIOS installed is the latest, TR gen 2 capable version.

I haven’t started assembling the system yet as I would dearly like to get this question resolved first.

Supporting info: It’s intended to be a dual boot Win10 - Fedora Scientififc system and will have ample memory and storage as intend to run a lot of bioinformatics and image analysis on it.

Thanks in advance!
Copenhagen Jan. 5, 2019