290x for the Price of a 290 LOLWUT?

DAMN why do i have to be broke at a time like this.


pccg had a sale here in aus a few weeks back with the asus 290x at $399 thats like 389 us$

Maybe some super secret mega awesome gfx card is about to drop

the Secret Alleged R9-295x *Cough* *Cough*

390X Bermuda XTX: 

  • 4224 stream processors
  • 4 GB GDDR5
  • ~ 1 Ghz gpu clock
  • ~ 1750 Mhz mem clock

probably ;-)

I'll probably get my 290(x) then upgrade to one of those later

it'll be the end of the world once we get a Single GPU that has Stream Processors that Rival or Come close to an old 7990. lol

380X Fiji XTX:

  • 3072 stream processors
  • 3GB GDDR5
  • ~ 900Mhz gpu clock
  • ~ 1500mhz mem clock

370X Treasure Island XTX: (probably Tonga)

  • 1536 stream processors (same amound as 7870XT)
  • 2GB GDDR5
  • clocks ?

These numers are still rumors!

If you think about the R9-285 numbers, maybe the puzzle falls to gether for you guys ;)


nvm this already existed

I'm going to play Advocate here, I have a Feeling one of those New "Tonga" GPU's is Secretly a 7870XT in Disguise. I read a few articles of the R9-285 Allegedly beating a GTX 760. and the R9-285X being a 7970 (280X) on Steroids.

look at the numbers lol xD

7870XT is Tahiti Le, Tonga is an updated version of the Tahiti chip.

THe 285, is basicly and updated version of a 280, in terms of the specs. only downgraded Vram, this is probably with an eye on to the new 300 series. on which the 370X like i said will be 1536 stream processors (same as 7870XT) but then a tonga based chip 2GB vram, and the 375 will probably be the current 285 tonga with 1792 stream processors and 2GB vram.

just my personal "logical" thoughts lol ☺

i thought about jumping on the 285X train so i could get rid of my 770 but i think i'll wait a bit till AMD sets our Rigs on fire with the R9-390X. i just want AMD to get their shit together with a Reference Cooler. i actually liked the Hawaii Reference cooler but their performance was straight rubbish.

if they can keep their prices under Nvidias (shouldn't be too hard) then they should follow what they did with the 295x2 and add water. IMO

I expect the cards to draw a lot of power (shocker), however I think they will run cooler, I doubt amd didn't learn from Hawaii and its heat problems.

Fucking right? I ordered that same card, the 290 version yesterday for 419.99. I checked and didn't see it on sale when I ordered. Oh well still super nice card and okay price, don't need the extra power anyways for 1080p :p

the 880ti is rumored ot have 8GB of gddr5, so I would expect the 390x to have at least that much.