290x 8GB vs 390x 8GB

So I'm upgrading to 1440P in the next two months and need a new GPU. These are the two I've been looking at: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6818/sapphire-radeon-r9-290x-8gb-vapor-x-oc-video-card-review/index.html
Doesn't seem to be much between them performance wise.

Ask your wallet. If you can afford the 390x go for it if not go for the 290x. There is like negligible performance difference between them.

I can actually pick up the 290x second hand as well probably about €100 less than the 390x

Just ask the owner if it has been mined or not.

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Or you could just grab a R9-390, the performance diffrence between the 390 and 390x is realy not that huge.
But the price diffrence is significant.
390X in my opinnion is not realy worth it.


judge yourself.

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+1 for this. 390 and a bit of an overclock will close the performance gap between the two, and save you a buck.

290x 8gb will likely not have been mined with since it was released after the mining died down. 390x is about 5% better than a 290x clock for clock a 290x may be the better choice.

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there could be a chance of some sod who has the 290x used it to mined alt coin.

Higher memory doesn't make sense for mining though does it? Why would you get the 8gb?

And could that gap be closed with an overclock? I take it the 290+390 can be paired in a crossfire configuration since they are almost the same card?

The gap can easily be closed its an identical GPU the 390x just has faster ram and usually can overclock a bit higher than the predecessor.

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I'll ask if its been used for mining. The sellers got good rep and feedback

Thanks for all the replies and advice think I'm going to go with the powercolor 390 PCS + seems to tick all the boxes for 1440P gaming once overclocked.

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Look for reviews on sites for that card, on Newegg I stayed away from it because of all the broken card reviews.
I got a Sapphire Nitro r9 TriX 390 instead.

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Hear a lot of hit and miss reports from people with Powecolor cards. Tread carefully.

i used to run powercolor 6850's in crossfire the damn things are solid as a rock. i upgraded to a 290 and gave one to a buddy and put one in my moms office pc. both are still running strong after 4 years of abuse from me. so ill give powercolor some credit they can make cards that stand the test of time.

I'm currently using a powercolor r9 390, I've not had it that long but it's a great card do far, the design uses three smaller fans so it's a little load on full load. But that really doesn't bother me at all as it so really gets to full load. The back plate is nice and thick, I've not overclocked the card so I can't vouch for it. But it's cool at stock and I even play some games without the fans even turning on. I've not noticed it get about about 60 generally.

Powercolor pcs+ cards are basicly very sollid.
Of course the cooling unit is not as silent as lets say the cooler on the Sapphire Nitro,
thats also the reason why the Powercolor is a bit cheaper.
But in terms of cooling performance, it does a pretty good job.

I did not read much complaints about the 390 and 390X PCS+.
Its true that there were some bios and ram issues with some of the Powercolor 290 and 290X pcs+ first batches back in the day.
But about the 390 and 390X i have not read any as of yet.

I went for the 290x in the end just cheaper and should be a beast over clocked. Thanks for all the advice though!