290 Too slow!

Ok so my brother brought a Gigabyte 290 for his pc i currently have a Powercolor 7870 and for some strange reason my little 7870 is kinda beating his card, I usually get 80-100 frames on PlanetSide2 on ultra and he gets around 70-90, What the hell is going on?? 

Any help will be very appreciated.

Additional information on specifications?

m5a970 evo r2.0 

2400mhz Beast Ram 

Amd 8350 

Gigabyte 290 

750w psu 


Also he has a old hard-drive that's hes using but im sure that wouldn't be the problem.

Also im running at 720p and hes running at 900p

I am the brother in question. my System specs:

MoBo: M5A97 EVO R2.0

CPU: fx-8350

Ram: Kingston Beast 2400mHz (Running at 1866)

Graphics Card: Gigabyte GV-R929CO-4GD AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB GDDR5 PCI-e3.0


Not sure of whats going on, but i would be led to believe that my 290 (with all due respect to my Lil brother) would crush his 7870. I have installed all the drivers I don't believe the issue is heat. I am running a very old and slow HDD from a laptop i used to have eons ago but the HDD should not matter during game play so I don't think that's the issue.

Any help would be very appreciated

HAHAHA thanks bro


That's pretty terrible, I have to be honest. The R9 290 is intended to be used at 1440p and upwards of that, and the 7870 really ought to be used on a 1080p monitor.

That aside, you will see performance differences when the volume of pixels changes. The more pixels on the panel, the more calculations have to be performed to shade each pixel. But I would imagine the 290 would perform faster than the given frame rate.


Do you have the most recent AMD drivers?

Your 290 should play 1080p no problem. So if you have a 1080p monitor, you could use that option. Honestly, I'd try running the game in 720p to see how it compares to the 7870.

Cheers guys. 


Probably have better luck here

...those resolutions + good cards..   O_0   do not understand.

I want and will be buying a better monitor, just as I want and will buy a new HDD and SSH, I have just finished building this PC and at the moment I just wanted to get it functional hence the use of a old HDD and Monitor. once I save up some more those will come. still shouldn't my performance be better anyway?

I have downloaded and installed all the MoBo drivers and I am running 13.12 for the GPU.


Yes, it should be a lot better. The 290 is an excellent card.

Try the 290 in the other system using the same monitor. See what the results are.

I am going to guess that you guys are running into a bottle neck of some sort because of the low resolution and high fps the 290 is not able to stretch its legs at 900p so the 7870 at 720p is near the same fps.  Also last time I played planetside it was not that optimized and my friends computer with 7970 CF were not much ahead of my 660ti when we were both using i5 3570k cpu.  It was not maxing out the cpu either.

I'm gonna be buying some games next week, than I will test the system with different games and using a 1080 panel, see if there is any difference.

I have a 1920x1200 144Hz with my 290 and a 2880x1800 90Hz with my SLI 7800GTXs.

Good for you