270x Video issues Google chrome

I have an issue with my 270x Direct CUII with playing back Videos on Google Chrome. sometimes the video would be black and simetime the video is black with pixels with parts showing the acutal video Have tried re-seating, re-installing a bunch of times and still to no avail. Haven't tried google chrome or going to a 'borrow' a windows copy since im ditching the one that i have now cause its illegal and going with a 'borrowed' option is the better alternative without blowing 200 bucks on an Windows Key. I live in australia where windows keys are fucking expensive and need games to run flawlessly without any hoops to jump through with linux.

if its just in chrome I doubth its the card

Try forcing html5 playback or switch browsers to test if its a chrome issue or a problem with flash/html5 or an extension issue

disable any chrome extensions, reinstall chrome, try firefox, force html5,