270x Crossfire vs 980 vs wait for AMD stuff to drop (probably wait and see)

So I am looking for more graphical power. I currently have a 270x and a 500w PSU.

The question I have is should I get a second 270x and run them in crossfire (note that this would require me to upgrade my motherboard and power supply), buy a 980 and a new PSU, or (and what I think I will do) wait for New AMD cards to drop and see what is compelling then? 


Deffenently wait for the new AMD stuff. It depends on wethere or not you need a new or better GPU this time around. 

Yeah, that sounds about right. I would hate to have grabbed a 980 and found that either it was an unnecessary upgrade or that there was a better option from AMD. In fact I can guarantee you that if I did buy the card there would be something better within a month because that is how the tech world works. :D