2700x or wait for possible 2800x

I am gonna give my 1800x and x370 board to my brother as a med school graduation gift. That or if he must have intel I will give it to my parents. Both are running systems from 2011. Anyways after I decide who to give it to, I will be i need of a new computer. So is a 2700x worth it? Or should i wait to see what the 2800x might be? I just need something that does slightly better in handbrake. For instance my 1800x gets on average 22fps for ripping blurays, and my 5820k gets the same performance. So I want something that can get better performance. I could get a 8700k, but I want to keep buying amd stuff to help support the little guy. Also I game minimally so video encoding is pretty much all I do.


Using h.264 is probably not hammering all cores so IPC and better boost matters.
Ryzen+ should be a bit of a jump.

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Just because there were 1800 numbered CPUs, doesn’t mean 2800’s will materialize.

Since the expectation is that with Zen 2, the mainstream CPUs will jump to up to 12 cores, AMD may have already reserved the x800 numbers for 12 (maybe also 10) core mainstream parts, to more clearly distinguish them. The fact that 2700X seems to be an evolution of 1800X supports this hypothesis.

If you want a new board + CPU soonish - go for the 2700X.
It’s an all round great chip and the XFR2 + SenseMI technology really are a great improvement that cover all types of workloads.

The 2800X is a myth for the time being. Myths take a while to become reality. :wink:

PS: that’s really nice of you to give your brother a PC as a graduation gift.

I just found out the hospital of his residency will be giving him a new computer, and if he works there for an entire year he will get to keep it. So it looks like my mom is getting a 1800x. Lmao, so much power for just browsing the web and checking outlook. The are running a 8120 from some time back. So I figure they could use another bump and it would last quite a while for them.

If your 1800x is running good there’s no need to update to the 2700x. I just made the switch, but I had segfault issue with my 1800x and my motherboard took a dump. I would wait for 2800x or Zen 2 if you’re looking for a greater jump in performance.

Personally, I’d buy your mother a new PC and keep the 1800X for myself. Have you already tested it for the Segfault bug? I refunded mine and got a 2700X :slight_smile:

Concerning the 2800X I’m also skeptical. Remember, the 1800X was a higher clocked 1700X. But, in my opinion, the 2700X is already on the clockwise limit of Zen+. Hence, the 110W TDP.
If you truly want a performance increase, you should pick Threadripper or wait for Threadripper+.

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I would get her a new computer entirely, but living 8 hours from her I wouldn’t be able to come and fix a problem if I needed too. I know the 1800x works no segfault, and runs cool with the liquid cooler I would be giving her (nzxt x62). I know the 1800x is a power house, but I can’t use it for myself anymore knowing the 2700x is binned. My 1800x can’t even hit 3.8ghz unless I up the voltage to 1.4volts. So I leave it at stock speed and volts. It is stable otherwise, and it doesn’t go to 3.9 or 4.0 no matter how I tweak the bios. I had a 1800x before this and it hit 4.0ghz at 1.35volts. But that one had a segfault bug. Anyways I am looking at getting a new cpu for 24/7 handbrake encoding. I am eyeballing the 2700x because I have heard nearly all of them can hit 4.1ghz as they are binned. I bought the 1800x thinking it was binned but I lost the silicon lottery with my replacement.

I think a 8core 16thread and 16gb of ram should last her atleast 10 years. Her current one was from 2010/11. I built that new for her with a phenom 1090t and upgraded it to a 8120.

As I said it has been stable for the last 10 months since I replaced my first one which did infact have the segfault bug.

What I decided to do, is get my mom a 2600x and hold out for thread ripper 2.

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I was losing my mind waiting several weeks for Ryzen 2 which was announced and had a launch date. If you’re thinking about waiting for a possibly non-existent item, it means you really don’t need it, which is a great situation to be in. In that case, might as well wait for Zen2 which seems like it’ll be a more interesting upgrade.

EDIT: Or wait for TR2. Exciting times.

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Threadripper with quad channel memory and higher binned cpus is turning me on. I have a spare b350 board which supports zen+ so I am getting my mom a 2600x. I am keeping my 1800x system as a backup for my 5820k system or maybe I will phase out my 5820k and sell it or give it to my sister as she wants something good for photo editing. Anyways, threadripper 2 should be out in the next three months. And then 16cores will be mine! I can wait, but I really need a binned cpu, so as not to be in the situation that I am already in. And 1800x that cant hit 3.9ghz or 4.0 at reasonable volts.

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Upgrading from a 1800X to a 2700X isnt really going to make much sense.
The improvements are marginal at best.

They may never make a 2800x. If AMD holds true and supports AM4 through 2020, then Zen 2 is going to be compatible with your current board. I’d wait.

Good plan! I personally want to wait on TR2 and see what they are like. I was saving for a TR aiming for sometime in June/July but with TR2 soon after that I will be waiting for it.

Don’t even bother overclocking the 2700X it will make performance worse in many cases.
What you want to do is overcool the CPU. And just let XFR2 do it’s thing.


I bought a 2600x for my parents computer. Going to replace their 8120 later tonight. I am waiting for myself and will get a threadripper 2 cpu when they are released. Thanks for all your advice.


So you will just use your intel system for now? Or do you have yet another system?

I am fine for now. Currently i have a 1800x for video encoding 24/7. i7 5820k for work and gaming. I haven’t actually swapped out any parts yet for my moms computer. She wants me to do it when she doesn’t have any work to do on it.

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I used to have an over locked R7 1700 (4.0GHz) on an ASUS Crosshair VI Hero. I now have a R7 2700X running on it at stock settings because overclocking without sub ambient cooling is really worth the effort and heat output of the R7 2700X.
Keep in mind that the R7 2700X even compared to the R7 1800X runs hot! I’m using the Corsair H110i to cool this CPU which works fine. BUT the amount of heat that’s coming out of the whole system is more than the R7 1700 @ 4.0GHz put out.

You realise that for their needs (web, email) even the 8120 was overkill?


Not criticising in the slightest

Its an awesome gift for anyone