27 inch vs 24 inch

Hey guys, I've been finding it quite difficult to choose a monitor. I heard that 27 inch monitors aren't that good because they need a higher resolution. Should I buy a 27 inch 1080p or a 24 inch. I will mostly be using it for watching anime, movies and gaming. 

If you can, please reccomend a specific monitor. 

27" if you can afford one, 24" if you'd like to save money.

U2713HM for 27" or U2410 for 24".

The 24" one actually might be better for anime because it uses a 10-bit panel, but you're not that savvy, are you?

Nope. I don't really know what 10 bit is a quick google search tells me it's to do with better colour representation, but I haven't come accross many anime that are in 10 bit apart from one piece. Would 10 bit have any affect on normal videos or would it only be better if the video itself was 10 bit?

Hey Suhaib, It you let us know your budget we could recommend you some monitors.

About £200 

If you are using as basically a TV, get the 27inch. If its main purpose is gaming, but you watch occasional movies and anime get a 24inch. I find 27inch pretty overwhelming for size when sitting so close to it.

For £200 you should get a U2411H.


You could pick up a Catleap 27" IPS 2560X1440 for a little over £200 on ebay.


Go for a 24" monitor. There's no point in getting a 27" unless you're getting a higher resolution like 2560x1440. The larger the screen, the lesser the pixel density, which is going to result in larger pixels and overall worse picture quality. 1080p is going to look a lot better on a 24" monitor.

Agreed /\/\/\. Unless its your tv sorta as well.

Don't get 27" at 1080p it's not going to look that good, 24 is more than enough.

Also how far away are you? if you are just 2 feet away at a desk or so, then dont go for the 27 inch, you will crane your neck....

My friend ecountered this problem, he had to move it back as much as possible. Im using a 26 inch tv and i dont want to get within 2 feet.



He's gonna need some serious horsepower to be gaming on a 1440p display :P

24" and 27" monitors can stay at 1920x1080. Resolution is not an issue. If you have the money, a 27" monitor looks and feels a lot more than 3" inches larger. You will notice a difference larger than 3" when switching from 24" to 27".

Wasted density, in my personal opinion. Smaller monitor looks nicer.