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27 inch or 32 inch for new 1440P 144hz monitor?


hi guys. i am about to get my new system and i looking for upgrading my primary monitor. now i have 24 dell ultrasharp ips 60hz and a secondary 19 inch viewsonic.
I am having hard time decide between the 27 inch ips 1440P
gigabyte 27 aorus ad27qd
and the 32 inch VA panel 32GK850G-B.

some say 27 is the perfect spot rez for 1440P
but some say with 32 inch i will have an easier seeing things …
i am 35 years old… my eyes are not what they used to be :stuck_out_tongue: so having a bigger monitor could help me reduce the effort for my eyes?

the usage will be 8 hours 3dsmax a day and light gaming at nights.
thank you for your help.



Why are you going for gaming grade 144hz monitor then ?
Check reviews for picture quality and stuff. But in general, 32"1440p have the same pixel density as 24"1080p…
Of course 32" is HYOUGE for a PC monitor and you may have to move a bit back of it to see the entire thing without rotating your head…
If you are worried about your eyes - flux is a software that shifts the color pallet to a but gentler on the eyes (lowers blue light), or you can get a pair of glasses for monitor use. Don’t buy Gunnar Optics… It’s garbage…

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I would take that 32 because 27 is not enough to cover vision and with that 32 you have higher chances that you end up sitting straight :man_shrugging:t2:

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Going from 24 to 27 was a BIG difference
If I was buying today I would go with 32

I’m 55 so anything faster then 60hz would probably be wasted on me, but I could be wrong on this

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for 2k, I’d say 27. Bigger and youll see the pixels at desk space distance, 27" and youll need to be sitting close to notice anything.
Youll be able to see both fine, but 32" if you feel they will be getting worse in a few years.

And the iMacs are 27" and all due respect, they are mostly used by old people whos eyes are fading.

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I find 25-27 inches just at the limit of what I consider comfortable in a monitor for extended use. Having to move your head and turn your neck often is a bit tiring when using your PC for office type work. for pure gaming, especially if you use wireless peripherals, big +32" screens are awesome.

As for the resolution, 1440p, 27" looks sharp. 32" would be better if your eyesight gets tired fast or just prefer the bigger fonts on screen without losing screen area.

As for the high refresh rate, unless you are doing gaming and have a card that can reliably push +60fps >80% of the time, I say don’t bother. For your main use I say you should concentrate first on image fidelity/quality.

Out of your options, The GB monitor has a better panel I believe.

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I have a 32" 144hz 1440p and if I had to do it again I would probably get the 27" just because it’s a lot to watch for games. For everything else it’s fantastic.

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i have 3 acer KG271U’s. their about the cheapest freesync equipped monitors, in the 24-27 inch range you can get. to that point, when i was getting the other 2, i did have to return exchange one because of bad pixels out of the box. that said, i love these dam things. i set the refresh to 144, and everything looks awesome. in a few days, ill be getting a radeon 7, so ill get to experience adaptive sync.

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27 is a really nice screen size. I have used 32 and really they just seem too large for a monitor, that’s basically a TV at that point. And, at 32" the pixel density of 1440p gets a bit low as well. I have a 1440p 27" that I use as a monitor and use as a “TV” too, sitting about 6 feet back. I would prefer smaller pixel density personally, but I wanted it to be a bit larger so I could sit back and watch stuff also.

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I’ve been using 30 or around that size monitors for the last 10 years or so, currently using a pair of 32" 4k screens.

Going from 24" 1080p to 30" 2560*1600 for the first time was a big difference in terms of how much information you can pick up on. Going to 4k a few years ago was good (at 32" I use it 1:1). Dual 4k I feel is a hit and miss sometimes, I frequently find myself focused on one screen completely not using the other. Then when I go to single 4k, sometimes I miss the realestate.

A single 32" 4k + laptop for comms is probably the sweet spot for me for home office type use.

You can get variable refresh 60Hz screens as well that are color accurate.

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I just bought the LG 32GK850F-B. Coming from 24", the 32" panel is huge. I like it, but it makes me wonder if a 27" would not have been better. I bought a Vega 56 to pair with the monitor, and it will struggle to stay above 100FPS in many AAA games. The GPU is a real factor when jumping to 1440p.

I think you will be well served with either monitor, just go on price.

Why are you looking at GSync? Is GSync not “dead-ish” now that Nvidia has partly accepted defeat in the adaptive sync market. If I had a Nvidia GPU I would test the FreeSync 2 with it.

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thank you guys for the help… it is a shame i can’t open the monitors at the store to see what size fits me… i think the safer gamble here is to go for the 27 144P size because i work 8 hours and if the viewport of 3dsmax and text will be blury i am in trouble :slight_smile:
i sits with my eyes about from 60 to 75 cm from my 24 screen right now. i choose from this 2 models because all other monitors are TN panels here or cureved… i think flat is the best for 3dsmax.
the LG costs here at my country 750$ US
the 27AD auros costs 670$ US

My computer system will have 2 2080TI NVLINK… mostly for cuda and GPU 3d applications… but i am also a gamer that is why i wanted a 144HZ suppored monitor.

So you think for 60 - 75 distance the 27 is more wise choice?



60cm-75cm? The 32" will be fine at that distance.

I sit around 30cm-45cm from the 32" and I am fine with it… I just have to move my head a bit from corner to corner.

Two 2080 Ti? Holy moly, you can do a 4K panel with power like that.

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Give it a go, and if it doesnt work out send it back (im not sure how returns work where you are) or maybe look at some YouTube videos to see what people say about it.
I think 27" will be fine. 2ft away is perfect.

Whatever you decide, Im sure youll be happy with it :slight_smile:

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