27"-30" 2560x1440 120Hz 1-2ms?


I guess I'm looking for a 27" or more display with a resolution of 1440p or 1600p with a 120Hz refresh and a 1-2ms response time. Do these even exist? 

A friend of mine is wanting the BEST monitor under 4k for gaming and graphic design. I told him I'd look into it but I don't know where to begin with these things. Does anyone know where I can find high end displays like these? I usually just rummage through NewEgg and Amazon but they seem pretty sparse when it comes to stuff like this.

He obviously needs good color reproduction as well but idk. I'm doubting he's going to get everything he wants from one display. Anyone have any suggestions?


Well honnestly for graphical design you don´t need a 120HZ screen, and 1-2 ms you probably talk about a TN panel which are basicly worse for Graphical design..

For graphical design i would realy recommend a Decent IPS monitor, ips have a much better color accurancy, much better viewing angles. and as far as my experiance go, i did not manage any ghosting or lag during gaming on an "Decent" ips panel. Unfortunatly 120hz ips panels don´t exist yet if im right.. some one please correct me if im wrong!

Also PLS monitors are great.

Grtz Angel ☺

Yeah I think I'm just gunna get him to use a second monitor for all his design work. That being said though, any recommendations for a good gaming monitor with the specs he's looking for?

maybe he could look at some of those Qnix monitors or X-star, Those monitors that Logan reviewd earlier.




Awesome! Thanks, I'll  take a look!

btw on the $300 xstars we got, we were able to OC both of them to 120hz. I dont think that made an update. There was some strange very very faint barely noticble flickering on one, had to get a new dual-link cable, all was well. I'm using one at home and its like omg!


For graphic design, IPS from a real vendor would probably be best. You CAN color-calibrate these, though, if you can borrow a color calibrator thing from someone to do it. The 'factory' colors are a little off. 

2560x1440 is really The One True Resolution.

(Until I get my 4k monitors.)



btw.. 120hz = ~ 10ms/frame. 

Correct  the X-star is good overclockable, the Qnix also, but then you need the one with samsung pls panel, if im right.


But still for graphical design i would still recommend IPS over PLS. LG ips panels are one of the best panels, wenn it comes to color accurancy and viewing angles, however, it depends a bit on the brand, how they calibrate the whole monitor. Most highend ips monitors you will find an LG-AH-ips panel inside.

100% agree, LG ips all the way. 

on the X-star dp2710. I'm only able to get mine to 113hz. It seems the pixel clock rate is capped at 470mHz.

mine has some small flickering issues at low brightness with that high of a refreshrate.

Do you have this same issue wendell?

Interesting, I take it I'm probably not going to find a 120Hz low ms display for him though? :(

From what I can tell he read a few things and has made up his mind on what he wants. I don't think he cares how much it costs but I can't seem to find it. lol

no 120mhz 1/2 ms IPS or PLS just does not gonne happen, only TN panel will be at 120hz and 2 ms. PLS can be overclocked, but still no 2ms respons time.

For that maybe a good old CRT is still the way to go lol ☺(joke)

IIRC the issue I had like this on one display was fixed with a new cable. It was a totally accidental discovery because the cable that comes with those is pretty short and I needed a super long one to mount on the monitor tree. I can't say that I tried to push them beyond 120hz, but at that high of a rate it does look a bit different. I leave them at 85 hz iirc because one game I play tops out at about 80fps so I figure close enough.