27-28" 4k Adobe RGB Monitor

Hi, does anybody know if someone make a 27-28" 4k Adobe RGB Monitor?

are you looking for straight out of the box color balanced or through different color balancing devices. (cf spyder4) ?

I got a color munki. But I seem to only find 4k 24 or 32 inch monitors with the Adobe RGB gamut. Nec Eizo Dell Samsung Acer everybody has a 27-28 inch 4k monitor but no one with Adobe RGB.

The keyword is SST
The last time I checked only
LG 31MU97-B and SAMSUNG U32D970Q
had good enough price for 4K, SST and 99.5% Adobe RGB
EIZO EV3237 had it also but at higher price point

We have LG and SAMSUNGs and both are good.
If you have trashcan and you are not running latest OSX prepare for pain and suffering (I think we did not manage to run one of them at all on previous OSX). If you run windows, make sure you install monitor driver.

Yes I have been thinking about the Samsung, it says min brightness off 230 cd/m2 on the homepage. That sound really bright for photo editing. I run mine at 80-90cd/m2. Can you lower it to that level? Wich one do you prefer, LG or Samsung?

Well you can play with brightness but I do not have light-meter to measure the brightness. They do not look too bright to me.
I do not really have any objective reason to prefer one or the other. Both are similar on the paper. If you are not in a too much hurry to buy one, I could put both side by side next week and try to "find a hair in the egg".
Oh, since LG has a non-standard HD, my x360 laptop did not want to show picture in full native resolution connected via minidisplayport. I did not test it with samsung.

Haha, thanks but that is not necessary. What you could try on the samsung that would help me is to lower the brightness and see if you can go from Full to minimum and see if minimum is black or if it stops before it is totally black. If it goes to black does it do it in fine adjustments or is it big ones like lowering apple laptop? That would be helpful and thank again.

Lowering brightness to 0 does not get to the completely dark image but it is still very dark. I looked it through the phone camera and brightness lower than 30 shows PWM refresh waves. Adjustments steps are very small.

Ok, thanks for checking. I still havet decided. We will see...

No problem. Anyway, at work we moved all 4K monitors to the closets or to apple trashcans and we brought 1440p ones back. Everyone hated them because Maya GUI on windows was too small with no way to enlarge icons (versions prior to 2016) and GUI in Photoshop was also too small and people got sick of changing system text enlargement percentage for different tasks.

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Hi, yes I slowly realized this also so I actually went for a 30" 16x10 1440p Nec. It seems that for real work 4k isn't there yet. But thanks for all your help.