27" 1440p Windows 10 Scaling

Just bought a 27inch 1440p Monitor and the Windows scaling is slightly smaller than I would like. I know Windows 10 has a built-in setting to increase the scale and layout. I also see in the advanced scaling settings a toggle for fixing blurry. Increasing the Windows 10 scale and layout to 125% seems to be a pretty good size for me.

However, when I do a google search I see a majority of people do not recommend this. A lot of those threads and artticles are from a handful of years ago from older windows versions so not sure if those recommendations still apply. Do people still not recommend changing the windows scaling? If not do people with UHD monitors just deal with the fact that windows stuff is tiny?

Personally I don’t use scalling at 1440P 27". I feel like it is perfect at 100%

I mean there is nothing inherently wrong with using scaling. It won’t like cause your PC to crash or anything. It just sometimes gets confused and looks like ass. Not to mention if you’re scaling up everything you’re losing the main reason of going higher res- more space. However if you like it and it doesn’t look too bad then use it.

Just be aware you may need to turn it off when you use some applications.

As above I feel 1440p at 27" is about right as well.

But you pick what you think looks right.

I don’t use scaling currently, but I used to on my work laptop from a year ago. Some applications will look blurry, since they’re rendered, then upscaled by 1.25x with a bilinear filter. This is usually older programs that haven’t updated their UI in ages. Modern Win10 programs handle it better, and can usually render at 1.25x scale, no scaling/filtering necessary.

That said, I could be remembering wrong or things could have changed. As Krieger says, just try the settings out; they won’t do any harm. If you don’t like the way your programs look, try out that “blurry fix” toggle to see what it does (if anything), or just change it back.

I recall that windows would freeze and stutter when dragged between monitors with different scaling factors. It looks really weird, you can see the window’s UI elements expand/contract over several frames. Just some lazy code from Microsoft. It’s not really important, especially if you don’t have multiple monitors.

Yeah the main windows scaling problem is (or was) if you are using 2 different DPI screens, which is really freaking common if you have a laptop and an external monitor.

I haven’t had that setup with Windows 10 for a couple of years now but back when I did you’d end up with either massively too big icons and stuff on one monitor and regular size on the other, or regular size on one and microscopic on the other. And in both cases often blur everywhere.

I’ve been told its better now though and if you’re only using one screen or two the same size/dpi you should be fine.

I’m on version 1809 on my work laptop.
Using different scaling on different displays is just fine.
I’m using a 27" 1440p screen at 100% and the laptop 15" 1080p built in display at 125% with no issues.

Only older CAD tools look blurry on the scaled monitor.

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I don’t think it matters. If you like it, then use what works.

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