$265 dollar budget build i found on reddit


Now how would something like this compare to the apu's?

you'd be much better off getting an unlocked A10 APU imo, that celeron is pretty low end, and the gpu in the new A10 would put up a good fight

APU is better in every area. Maaaaaybe not better than a 6670 but I'm pretty sure it stacks up super close to a 7750. I'd like to see benches on the APU's comparing them to a 7750 or so.

on passmark the 7660D scores and 800 and the 6770 scores 1k so their GPU is a bit ahead

Then you have a dual core to deal with. It could no doubt reach a 6770's performance overclocked with 1866 ram. Well not no doubt, but I'm pretty confident it could.

apu is more expensive trough.

There's no storage in that build. 

I know he already owns storage but I hate when people say they made a budget build and they leave out a ton of parts because they already had them. Fine for you, but the total of that pc isn't 262.92. It's well over 300 with an SSD and 500gb drive. 

I just thought it was kind of neat. But logan does the same thing somtimes lists everything as being a 1200 dollar build with no monitor keyboard os or mouse.

monitor, keyboard, os, and mouse aren't really part of the actual build, in my opinion. Well maybe the OS is, but a lot of people already have the OS. In my view, the actual build is any physical parts that are needed to make the computer post. You don't need any peripherals to do that. Technically, you don't even need a screen. But you do need a storage drive of sorts.