256gb ssd

hi guys im hoping to fit a 256gb ssd into my build


it would be great if it was under $200


You can find the Samsung 830 Series 256GB 2.5" Solid State Disk for $194.99

is it a fast ssd? and once you write to the ssd do the write speeds even matter anymore?

Its as fast as the 840 pro vershon around 500Mb/s R/W

Samsung make great SSDs. I wouldn't argue with Coopermans choice. It's up there with the 840. Really good find, I believe. A well rounded choice, in comparison to the 840 non-pro.

great ill add to my build

im amazed how fast i get replies on this wonderful forum :)

hey guys i was going to go with this 830 series drive


but i could get the 840 pro for only a little more


is it worth it?

The 840pro is the newer vershon of the 830 its a little faster and has a updated controller it is worth it.

Its all so one of the fastest on the market

do you think its worth it?

The 840 pro is THE fastest on the market. Particularly the 256 and 512 models. The 128 is a little slower

Yes it is worth it the 840pro is normaly over $250 + its a newer ssd 

I'd say so. That thing will last your several years. If you cannot afford it, the 830 is a very good alternative.