2560x1080 issues

Just got an lg ultrawide for christmass and I cant figure out how to change the res to 2560x1080. I tried to contact lg support but they told me to buy a new gpu. I have a 7970 and am pretty sure it can run that res. In windows settings I can go up t 1440p but the widescreen options do not show up. It came with a driver disk but I could not run it as I do not have a dvd drive in my pc and when I tried to download it from online it did not come with an exe. So basically I just need to get it running at the correct resolution.

Quick bump....would rly like to get this up and running correctly

put the disk in a computer that has a disk drive and copy the files over.

There is no executable file how can I run the files?

Just thought of this is it possible that because that because the monitor is hdmi and I am using a dvi to hdmi adapter, it cant run this res? I would assume that isnt the problem as it can run 1440p, but could that be the issue?

What connector are you using HDMi or Display Port?

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And it wont show you the native resolution in Windows yes, when you check the display settings it wont let you change it?

Nope it only displays 16:9-10 aspect ratios like 1440p or 1200p but no 2560x1080...

It's a DVI problem, though I dont understand why cause it has the bandwidth to display 21:9.

If you have any other ports, ex; display port or an HDMI cable. Try using that and see if it fixes it.

Ya I cant do that...I only have an adapter to hdmi from DVI...Any ideas before I order an dp to hdmi adapter? Also like I said it did come with some sort of driver cd I think that it will not help, but could it possible help?

Your monitor should have display port, just order a display port to display port cable and it should fix itself. All 7970s have a Display Port-in connector.

Also an HDMI to HDMI should fix the problem too.

nope the 25um57 only has 2 hdmi ports...and I have no clue why hdmi always has issues for me
and my gpu does not have an hdmi port

Strange. Then try ordering a HDMI to display port and see if it fixes it.

I use 21:9 but i use Display Port, Exclusively for it.

You could also try using the CRU utility to make a custom res since it will probably be hard to find something today. You can find it here http://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU.

Honestly I could not figure out how to use that. Also in the additional settings in the crimson drivers there is a custom resolutions setting, but when I try to set it to 2560x1440, it says it is not supported.

because VSR (Virtual Super Resolution) does not support 21:9.

Hmmmmm so if vsr is enabled on my monitor would that potentially open up more resolutions?

yes. but only for 16:9 or 16:10 based monitors.

So no....