2560x1080 Gaming/General use

Heya guys!

I am planning on buying a new monitor and at first I was looking at ASUS PB278Q but a few days ago I found this beauty and I was pretty much instantly sold on the looks (and the 150€ price difference...).

I just wanted to know if any of you game on a 21:9 monitor and if yes, what is your experience. I dont play any hardcore games (no need for super low response time) and do quite a bit of work with documents/internet (mostly school related stuff).

Any thoughts on this? Feedback is greatly appreciated! ;)

Have a nice day!


Me personally would go for the pls pannel/ the Asus, just for the gorgeous image and that i probably would find the extra wide monitor quite annoying in games. But if I wouldn't play games on it i would choose the wide one no doubt!