$2500 Video Editing and Gaming Rig (White/Black Color Scheme)

I was wondering what the Community thought about the build I plan on getting. Other things to keep in mind is that I plan on getting this a year from now and since the price leak for the Ivy Bridge-E was out I'm ready to change the mother board and CPU to X89 (Rumored) and i7 4820 and upgrade later on when I have money. Another thing was when I read about 1.65 volt memory issues with this CPU Generation so I went 1.5 volts.


Well the build is great, but where do you wanne use the build for? is there a reason to go socket 2011?.

because a i7-4770K socket 1150 is also a great cpu.

That deal from microcenter, the motherboard is more expensive than the CPU. The SSD is almost the same price. If the i7 4770k is the same price at microcenter get that instead with a top of the line 1150 mobo. 

I think i am right in saying that you only buy a X79 board for the extra PCI-E slots?

well those extra pci-e slots on x79 are cool, but notice that its only pci-e 2.0 not 3.0.

Further i realy not see the benefit of buying a i7-3820 cpu, it has a locked multiplier so its more difficult to overclock. i still don´t get why intel has made this cpu, don't get me wrong its a great cpu, but its just not highend. only the quad channel memory is a nice gain, but if you buy 4x4 GB sticks, to get quad channel, that cost you more, as you you buy 2x8GB sticks dual channel on the socket 1150 platform...i would say if you want to go X79 then atleast a 3930K cpu..

i would only recommend a X79 platform if you ever plan to go on triple or quad Sli or CF setups. Or if you do so heavy things that you realy need the power of the hexacore.