2500-3000$ dual xeon WS\Gaming

Hello, I would want to build a dual xeon workstation for video editing and gaming, and i have some questions for possible configurations or to tell me if my configuration is good. I have a 2500$ to 3000$ and i would like to have a amd GPU.
I found this Ivy Bridge Xeon at 3.5 GHz on Amazon ( http://www.amazon.com/Intel-E5-1650-Six-Core-Processor-CM8063501292204/dp/B00U07AY18/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452100046&sr=8-1&keywords=xeon+ivy+bridge ), and do you have any idea if it is compatible with dual cpu mother boards like this Asus http://www.amazon.com/LGA2011-Intel-Motherboard-Z9PE-D8-WS/dp/B007KGXY0K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1452099934&sr=8-1&keywords=Z9PE-D8+WS?
And any sugestions for a good Amd gpu? a Fury x? Or should i keep my r9 280x for the moment and wait untill something new comes out this year?

There aren't that many WS boards that are dual chip anymore with the improvements on CPU's in the last 2 years alone. By memory, there are 3: 1 is AM1 and opteron, and the other 2 are E-ATX server boards that can only use all GPU setups.

FOr a GPU you could go with a non-X fury and do pretty well or go with an R9 Nano. I'm looking pretty hard at the nano for when I do a full platform upgrade later this year.

I have also seen a lot of recommendations for the Xeon 1231v3 and pairing that with a board would do pretty well depending on the board (though choosing one is a shit show imho).

Question: Why not get X99?

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Do you really want a Dual Xeon for Workstation and for Gaming cause you will be look at spending around 5k if you wanted a Dual Xeon and gaming. What is your workload you can get by with one CPU.

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Not sure if a dual Xeon workstation, would be that ideal for gaming.
What kind of workloads do you need a dual Xeon for?
Wouldn't be just X99 a better option?

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e5 -16xx xeons are for single cpu boards

The only thing I can see multiple CPU's being really good for are VM's.

I don't need dual cpu, and I am thinking to go with one cpu and a crossfire config...

Unless he is Barnacules who likes to runs VM, Gaming and Video Editing at the same time.


Yeah but you could basicly also build 2 sepperate systems for that ☺

So a x99 with a i7-5820K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.3GHz is better?

Depends on your workloads, what are you going to use the system for?
Video editing / rendering and gaming you said.

Which res you want to put out your content? 4K?
If you like to do video rendering at 4K then the 5960X would realy be a better choice then a 5820K or 5930K.

With his PC right now you could build 11 decent gaming PCs. Barnacules PC costed him about 12k ish with the upgrade he just did recently. A decent gaming PC costs about 1k.

Depending on your workload yes.

Also the Fury X has dropped in price significantly since I last looked at it. I think I might look at one of those instead of a nano :P Worth looking at if you're doing windows or linux. Either one.

So, I thought and decided that x99 is better for me, and i came up with this solution, and I would want to know if the cooler is capable enough and if the Amd Fury is that much better than the 390x for 200$?

A Fury X would be way better in a lot of ways. You can look up video's here about it.

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Thanks, i mainly playing Skyrim, the witcher 2 and 3, Fallout, Dark souls 2, the forest, so the fury x can run this games at 1080p on 3 displays at 60fps, or even low 50s, right now with the r9 280x i cant... run 3 1080 displays...

If you have $3000,- to spend on a ultimate gaming + productivity rig,
which you want to use for 4k video rendering.

Then something like this might do that nicely.

If you just like to do some standard video rendering like 1080p.
Then a 5820K build would also do.

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When you realize that your storage costs more than your GPU.

yea, it is an option, and i could save some money, by not buying that 1 tb ssd, because i have a home NAS...