£250 sim free android phone recommendations?

Looking from a £250 sim free phone for my mum.

Ordered her a HTC Sensation XE last month, but the company (a Amazon affiliate) but they never even shipped the bloody thing.

So, thought I would ask here before just reordering.

Nexus 4 if you want an android phone.

Ativ S if you want a windows phone.


Definitely wanting Android, but the glass back on the Nexus 4 has put me right off. 

Well it's certainly by far the best value for money you're going to get. You could just buy the bumper or a case for it?

If you could live with the apalling aestetics and the outdated processor, the Sony xperia T is a very solid choice. You could put cyanogen mod 10.1 on it which would clear up most speed issues and would give you all of the features for android 4.2 which would be very good.


Been rocking the nexus4 for a few months and prefer over S3 (son has it) S4 (mate has it) although if either of these phones were rooted and stripped of the crap they would be strong contenders if a little pricey.  N4 is just so clean and just works.

The Nexus 4 is where it's at for that price range. If you don't like the glass back just get a cheap case.

Well, went with the Nexus 4 as they have just slashed $100/£80 off the price!