250$ gaming PC (Athlon II X4 750K over A10))

Hi, i have a small amount of money and it is time for me to dump my old laptop.

I need motherboard, cpu, memory and graphic card.

I have decided to go with AMD almost cheapest processor, cheapest motherboard (that supports 1866 witouth OC thingy in description), 4gb 1866mhz memory and  dedicated graphic card, i don't fancy APU's as i belive i can do better like this.

In the similar low price range i have some Athnols and A4's, and i am thinking of going with FM1/AM3 because motherboards and the processors too are cheaper than those in FM2. That makes any sense?

Are Athlon's better than A4's considering that i won't use it's APU crappy integrated graphic ability ? (I hate all with a name integrated graphic on it). A4's are darn cheap, even a bit cheaper than turions.

AMD A4-3400 (or maybe FM2  A4 X2 5300 ) vs AMD Athlon II X4 631 (or  AM3 Athlon II X2 270 ) ?

Or even some AM3 Sempron 145/Sempron X2 190 ? Do they run on 1866mhz memory?

What graphic card? Should i really go for ddr5 being much better than ddr3?


New 80+ power supply will come later, amd instead of intel because it is lot more expensive in croatian shops, have old HDD that will do for now, as for games i dont think i need expensive CPU...every new cpu is GOOD, i can bear with loading time and such.. I wont skip on memory speed tho'. New games don't have to run perfectly on ultra high details in some crazy resolution for me to be happy, but they all have to run without any lag and not on lowest settings.

You are welcomed to enlight me, and i am sad that i will finaly have to move on to win 7 :(

I really love 32bit XP interface and shit, hate all vista like (dont even get me started on ''mobile experience win8'')

UPDATE: My pick is Athlon II X4 750K; it's 50% the price of an A10, it is a same chip with disabled GPU (First day surfing the shops i did not run into it)


apu graphics are alot better than intel hd. that said, a $250 build for gaming is going to be a POS. it probably won't even run many newer games. I have my doubt about even source games, which are known for being able to run good on low-end hardware.


Asus EAH 6670 1gb ddr5, 128bit,  GPU 810 MHz, memory f. 4000 MHz graphic card, 2.8-3.5 Ghz 2/4 core amd processor, 4gb 1866 ddr3, Motherboard that don't choke...

And you are telling me that wont even run Far Cry 3 ?



Saw that ofcourse, and i dont agree with it. Normal cheaper CPU + radeon 6670 will do better in gaming.

Well he even mentioned 6670 in the video as the future uppgrade.


Athlon 2 x4 631 vs A6 3658 both using GeForce GTX 560 , results are almost the same.


Little over budget, but it something.

Nahh it's not over budget at all, as i dont need power suply, case, dvd drive, hdd....

And i have to notice that those parts are much (2x) cheaper than shops in croatia, shipping is free, well... Is the amazon good with prices on-line? Any other site recomendations?


And yeah, you guys still have to convince me that A4/6/8/10 APU processor is better than a cheaper new CPU + dedicated 6670.



in the apus there is a 6670 intergrated and its a better cpu.



Happy Overclocking!

With the 2133 Mhz RAM, you'll be able to get a lot of speed. Probably on par with the 6670 or better. Also do some overclocking. Going the APU route is also more energy effiecent to

''Buyers outside the U.S. cannot purchase the following types of items from sellers: video games, toy and baby items, electronics, cameras and photo items, tools and hardware, kitchenware and housewares, sporting goods and outdoor equipment, software, and computers.''

Thanks amazon :/ Shit is 2x more expensive where i live...

But anyways... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/pentium-g620-amd-a8-3870k-radeon-hd-6670,3140.html

Very interesting test a8 3870 vs intel 620cpu with 6670 (for the same money), in gaming a8 loses, not a huge difference, maybe because graphic card used was ddr3, not gddr5, but still a8 is not as bad as i though. (btw a8  consumed much more energy than that cpu+gpu together)

Today my theory wins even better, top of the line A10 5800k costs 950kn/170$ (1usd=5,6kn)

vs 6670 gddr5 which is a lot faster (graphic memory operates on 4000, where APU cant even get that numbers) than a previous ddr3 that beated a8 in that test. Price is 520kn

+Athlon II X2 270 3.40GHz for 350kn (or i could even get Athlon II X4 740 3.2GHz for 500kn)


And that thing beats the shit out of A10 in gaming for a less money or the same.

Now i am thinking on putting little bit extra money on 7770 instead of 6670, to be on the safe side with BF3 (it must not lag on medium)


Why do guys insist on a 'better processor for that? Haven't seen any valid arguments

Youd want a Better Processor for BF3 because in an online match with 64 players it loads the CPU up pretty good.

I will go with Athlon II X4 750K (3.4GHz,4MB,100W,FM2) box, Black Edition for 100$, it is same as phenom 955 (which is recommended over A10 if gddr5 GPU is going to be used)

..only without L3 chache (just like apu's don't have it).

Saw some tests considering L3 advantages  http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/athlon-l3-cache,2416.html

Will ignore it for 25$ difference

Will chose 7770 instead of 6670 http://www.hwcompare.com/11887/radeon-hd-6670-oem-vs-radeon-hd-7770/#pixelrateExplain

Now tell me again how will athlon's 'bottleneck' my GPU ?

Logan dude, if u read this, i like youre youtube thingy alot man , but this forum has been least helpfull of all the 'internet' i used this 2 days, I was really expecting more feedback



You just had about 10 people here trying to help you and didn't listen to anyone. It's not our fault you made a thread yet you still aren't open to suggestions. Don't ask if you don't accept help. If you're the all knowing guy like you seem to think you are, figure it out yourself. A 200/250$ budget isn't easy to work with. We aren't arguing, they're looking out for ya' so you won't have problems running the game. I'm having a hard time following your thought train, so I have nothing positive to contribute here.

Yeah but i got 0 argument and numbers, just random rants from 2 people that didn't hold water, i am still right about not using APU and nobody even tried to outmind that, even logan prefers 6670 over A10

Well you are stupid... Never go full retard, people did own research and they are just too lazy to explain them or put links...

AMD APU is good and with a compatible GPU for Hybrid CrossfireX its better than, look soon there will be "Richland" APU out. it will support 7xxx series... So you can wait for a month and buy an a lower series of Richland APU's. Most of them will be 40% faster than their counterparts from Trinity Lineup!!  So yea, also it uses the same socket you dumb ass so choose the APU and later upgrade it or wait for couple of fuckin days... >_>

You dint do the research, we did!

Prefers does not mean more powerful..The A10 is dependant on RAM, get some pretty badass RAM and it will far outperform any card upto a 7670.

Don't want our advice?. Fine, that's upto you. But trying to make a decent gaming PC with this budget and a dedicated GPU, that's a challange.

Your best bet is going to be an AMD socket FM2 system. The A10 has similar performance to a Phenom II X4 965, so an athlon won't touch most of their APUs. I've heard of people getting well above 30 frames per second in modern games with the integrated graphics on the APUs. 

This is what I would suggest for now, and if you want to upgrade it in the future, then  you could always get a CPU cooler and a 6670 to pair with the integrated graphics for dual graphics mode:


Guys... He is from Croatia... I am also from Croatia, I noticed that he is from Croatia since I wrote about kunas... So you must count that in my/his country compture hardware and most things cost about 25% higher, in some odd cases some things cost even 50% higher... Holy Shit... Yes... >_>