$250 build Gameing

Hey all, I put together a list of parts for a "gaming" PC that will be used to play Diablo 3.

It will have:

CPU: AMD A6-5400K


RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB



Re-using HDD's and disc drives. Also buying fans and a CPU cooler.

I am fairly sure that this build can run Diablo 3, what do you think?

I highly reccomend you spend a bit more and go for something like this:



The A8-7600 is a way better APU then the A6-5400k.



Diablo doesn't require much power, i ran it on a laptop with HD4000 fine (medium settings, 1366x768), so the A8 should't have any trouble with it

Alright, I will try to squeeze in an a8.

Brings the cost to about $322 for everything

It's called a god dang console!

I would recommend this PSU over the 430w 80+ nothing that you have selected

Corsair CX 430W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply


but other than that  ... game and have fun .. or Logan will come to house and put a squirrel in your pants ... 

Yup, but its not my money. I am just the one who will put it together.


Modular would be nice. Now if only it would stay that price.

APU? More RAM and higher speeds, since an APU will benefit from that. 4GB 1600GHz RAM will not do it. Not sure if the GPU-part will do a great job. 8GB @ 2133GHz should do it. Although I'm not sure if the GPU will be enough for Diablo 3. I have a PC with the same APU and same amount of RAM in my living room and the benchmarks aren't something to be proud of. It was only supposed to be sufficient for web browsing and very mild gaming (puzzle games).

If anyone has any objections regarding the parts please feel free to make your corrections.


I tried