24pin Cable Sleeving

Hey guys. I am currently working on sleeving the cables in my build (PSU=EVGA Nova 80+gold fully modular). When I took the sleeve off my current MOBO 24pin and started to sleeve the wires individually I noticed the wires do not go from one connector to the other in the same hole (example: the top right on one connector will go to the bottom 5th from the left). I had previously assumed the wires flowed parallel to each other like in all sleeving jobs I have seen, not crossing over each other which ruins the visual flow of the colour pattern. The wires are also an assortment of 16, 18 and 22 gauge.

Is this crossing of wires typical in MOBO 24pin cables or is it different from PSU to PSU. Not knowing much about PSUs I would think changing the wiring on the cable so that they all run parallel would not work. Any help and answers would be appreciated.



Well, it is a bit messy. Idealy, it would all be 1:1, but it is not standard.The only standard part is what goes to your motherboard; how it gets there doesn't matter.

So although my 24pin came with the cables going every which way I could install them running parallel? What about wire gauge size?

No! Keep them in the order they are already in.

So my dreams of having a nicely sleeved 24pin are shattered!?