240 hours

My internet seems to hit its quota and my BF3 download still has 240 hours of download left. The internet here is so bad, they're not using the optic fiber's optimal capabilities. Who ever thought that you download @40-50 kbps on fiber. My question is, is it possible for me to copy a friend of mine's BF3 file and put it into mine? I don't fell like waiting 10 accumulative days to play it :/

You need a much faster connection to even play the multiplayer, sorry but if you get the game you wont even be able to play it.

This only happens for 2 weeks and after that I get a big boost for another 2, then back down. The speed seems to only be limited on origin. I can download torrents at ~100 or so and play planetside 2 with ease

Yes you can drag ur friends bf3 files over to where your origin games are stored.  You put them in and click download in origin and it will reconize that you have the files.

And i thought my Crysis 2 download was bad!! Mines only 11 hrs for this one!!

Alright, thanks dude. My friend still has the installer from his download, will that work too?