23.6-inch 4K Monitor vs 29-inch Monitor

Please help me decide between

21:9 Ultrawide LG 29UM59 29-inch Monitor

4K-UHD LG 24UD58 24-inch Monitor

Samsung LU24E590DS/XL 23.6-inch 4K Monitor

Am a web developer, with lots of VS code & browser usage. Occasional gaming & movie watching.

Using a 27inch 5k imac at work & totally enjoy it.
Looking for something to use @ home


in my opinion always go for bigger screen for 4k.

Go big! 40+" at UHD with good colors. Like this:

I have a 32" 4k on linux and love it. The dpi is high enough for very sharp fonts. Imho 40" is too large for coding. The fonts are not ‘ultra sharp’ / ‘retina’ anymore at that size. But ymmv.

Real estate vs pixel pitch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fire up a linux stick on that 5k iMac and compare native resolution to 2560x1440, that is basically the difference. If you can live with the lower pixel pitch, you can get a lot more screen for the money. Otherwise you might just go with one of the 27" 5k screens because you really don’t want to come home and think “my monitor sucks” every single day.

Guys thanks for the replies.

I am looking for a monitor for sub 30k INR. Monitors are quite expensive in india. I even thought of importing crossover monitors from korea, again there is a huge uncertainty of customs import charges.
It seems like 24inch 4k would make much better sense than a 29 inch 1080p