$2200 Gaming PC

Hey guys I've been looking at building a pc for about a year now but my parents finally agreed to it so I put together a list of some parts and it came to $2400. It's expensive to get PC parts in Australia. If I got the same parts from newegg I reckon I could've got it for $2200 but I can't so can you please give me feedback on what parts to downgrade so I can hit my budget, I'll be rendering/gaming. I'm hoping to run games on max settings 1080p about 40-60 fps. I'll be playing games like simcity,minecraft,gta v,cod world at war etc.


NZXT Phantom 630 Full Tower Case- $205.00

Asus Z77 Sabertooth Motherboard- $249.00

EVGA GTX670 2GB FTW- $499.00

Antec HCP-850 850W Power Supply- $207.50

Intel Core i7 3770K- $335.00

Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1600MHz (2x8GB)- $99.00

Western Digital 1TB SATA3 64M HDD- $109.00

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Keyboard- $155.00

ASUS VS248H 24inch HDMI 2ms LED- $187.00

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse- $48.00

Corsair Vengeance 1500 Dolby Gaming Headset- $89.00

Win 8 OEM Home Premium 64bit- $99.00

Razer Goliathus Standard Mousemat Refresh- $16.00

Lite On 24X Drive- $19.00

Kingston HyperX SSD SATA3- $130.00





BTW I put in my entire list because i'm not just building a pc i'm also buying a monitor etc.  you get the point.

Looks decent except for buying a TN panel Monitor for that price, have a look at the BenQ GW series or try and find an IPS panel that isnt too slow.

You also might want to get a 7970 instead of a GTX 670 and get a 3570K or 8350  instead of the 3770K unless you really need it for rendering, a cheaper Mobo aswell like a D3H or Extreme 4 and spend the money saved on a Good cooler to OC your CPU.

Also do you guys think a soundcard is worth it?

A sound card really isn't worth it now-a-days. On board sound is becoming more and more like dedicateed unless you get a professional grade sound card like the Essence STX. And the only way you can tell the difference is if you have extremely good headphones.

I'd recommend trying to go the AMD route with an 8350 and depending what you edit with adobe = nvidia, anything else = AMD...

Also that keyboard seems abit on the expensive side unless that is an average price.

Try this site man I found it really usefull shopping for parts in Aus... It narrows down the cheapest Australian stores and prices for you all you do is search for the product

Hope it helps :)


Where abouts do you live in Australia? If brisbane, there are quite a few great stores within a short distance, if not - Not sure. As for the build, I'd recommend swapping the graphics card for a 7970. If you are trying to go for price for perfomance, I'd swap to the amd fx-8350 as it competes quite well with the i7 and is quite a bit cheaper or if you are set on intel, I'd look at the i5-3570k. Also, you don't need a headset that is that expensive. I have a Creative SoundBlaster - Alpha and it works wonderfully and only costs $50. So that's about a saving of $120 on the cpu, $50-$90 depending on the graphics card and a possible saving $39 on the headset. So, that'll make your budget of $2200. If you are in a capital city look up MSY, there is basically one in every capital. I'm not sure on the keyboard, mechanical keyboards are nice but don't fall for the "gaming trap" just because it's a gaming board doesn't necessarily make it better - I have no problems with the mouse as the deathadder is actually an exceptional mouse, as are a few other mice by Razer. If you are only after the keyboard for the macros, look at getting a nostromo and a cheap keyboard. Can use the nostromo for gaming and have the keyboard in reach for typing - this also depends on desk space.

I just looked at the games you will be playing and there is no need for such an expensive keyboard with those games, I was thinking you were playing an MMO (like WoW) in which you need a lot of keys and macros. I'd look up stuff for you but my internet is so slow at the moment, these posts are taking me forever as is. Also, I forgot to mention you could save money on a motherboard, though I believe someone else mentioned that. On another note, I dunno if I would get windows 8 unless they have finally fixed all the driver and compatability issues? Even if they have, it felt too touch screeny to me when I used it, I wouldn't mind it on a tablet or phone though.


This PC build is capable of 5760x1080p at max settings on any game with good frame rates (not sure about Crysis 3 because that game is massacring graphics cards at the moment). This build is completely focused on gaming.

I would recommend getting a 3820 and an X79/2011 board instead. That way, you will have an upgrade path, by getting a 3930k, or the soon-to-be Ivy BridgeE later on. I got a Maximus V Formula and a 3770k and I regret not going the other route. But, if you keep the 3770k, it will still hold you over for the next 3 years until the next big thing is out :)

1000W 80+ Bronze PSU? I would spend the extra $100 and get a SeaSonic Platinum 1050W or SeaSonic X 1250W just to know I have a quality, high efficiency PSU that isn't going to crap out on me.

Thanks for all the feedback guys I decided to swap out my mobo for an ASRock Extreme6 and I might get a 7970 instead

Get a DAS keyboard if you're gonna be spending alot on a keyboard hehe. Should really try fitting a 7970.