21:9 monitor for gaming fesable? Whats your thoughts?

Currently got a normal 1080p monitor, and it works fine and all. Got to thinking how gaming all and would work with a 21:9 monitor like this one.



I've heard a lot of games don't have support for resolutions like that, but really that would would be great in fps games, dat ultra wide viewing angle and all. Its still only 1080p technically but that would mean I wouldn't need a gpu upgrade just to play at about the same settings I do now, just turn down few thins and go. Plus the 1440p ultra wide are like $1500.


So decent idea or nah?


moar pixels always better.


Hmm... unless you run your games at 1080p, the resolution is going to be much larger than 1080p. So you would probably need a very strong GPU to run games at good settings on this. If you do run your games at 1080p on this, I wouldn't see the point of upgrading unless you need the space for other things.


Its only got 33% more pixels so would it really be that much? Ether way my 7950 is overclocked to the point where it matches a 7970ghz edition so I'm not too worried about needing to upgrade, especailly since I don't care that much about max settings and most my shooter games arent that resource hogging.

Should work fine for gaming, however not all games will support that resolution so you will end up playing them in a normal ratio with black bars at the side. This may not bother you but vertical black bars destroy my brain (the OCD monkey goes wild and throws lots of poo). Your GPU would be fine I'm sure. Linus did a review of a LG monitor with the same resolution you might want to check it out, its mainly a discussion on the 21:9 ratio and its pros and cons:


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Interesting. The black bars would probably bother me though, thats the reason I ditched my old 1680x1050 monitor for a 1080p. Black bars are not my friend.