2020 Fullstacks

Hello sir/madam,

First off, how are you doing?

Second to the point, I’ve tried to find a new and good fullstack to get into. Like the Meteor-React-Apollo-Graphql stack but that one is like 2 years old and boy it has changed and would be too much of an hassle to start getting into updating.

so do you have any recommendations like a Apollo-Firebase stack or something. Would like to get some ideas before I drop js and just get into webassembly.

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If you want to be a full stack web developer, my suggestion is to learn Javascript.

Not a framework, no buzzwords. Pure, simple, basic Javascript.

It’s the only way to learn what value all of those stacks provide, and being a better JS programmer will help much more than the minor differences between frameworks.

You’ll also avoid picking up the bad habits of the various frameworks.

Beyond that, there’s pretty much only one compelling reason to use one over the other - the person paying you wants you to.

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I was not asking on learning js but a good fullstack I could get on because we have a project in the university. And this course is about fullstack development.

Fullstack simply means you are familiar with the 3 core parts of the business logic: user front end, server backend, and the database/datastore.

The only limit is your imagination.

For my latest JIRA clone project I am designing it with: Vuetify (Vuejs), Hapi (Nodejs), and Mariadb.

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huh, I thought there was some kind of trend going on. Well I thought about something like Apollo-React-Graphql-Nextjs

You could give Deno a try.


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I actually thought about using vue. But the profs want me to use react. what about vue apollo react?

That’s a bummer. Vue is much more performant for certain kinds of patched virtual Dom rendering.

The development experience is top notch too.

The creator, Evan Yu, has interesting talks about framework comparisons.

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I would pick something more established instead of wanting to find the next new thing. You’ll have more resources available online if you get stuck, and also getting valuable experience that might be relevant in the job market in your area vs the next new thing which might never take hold.

xD Full “Stack” vs “Full-Stack”

Do you wanna explain a little this video?

It’s about stacks. I like the speaker. He’s pretty neat and does other stuff too. Coding Tech is an aggregate channel for code conferences so usually they’ll have neat stuff.

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