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2019 and browser


waterfox or firefox, new brave browser could be nice, but i haven’t used it much.
for grandma probs firefox sadly.
browser extensions:
ublock origins, httpseverywhere, duckduckgo plus and youtube enhancer.

as much as i wish one could do it, one can’t install noscript on a normie computer.
so definitely one addon, that blocks major trackers from facebook and google, as noscript is not an option for them, but a perfect one doesn’t come to mind.

and with duckduckgo plus and duckduckgo setup as primary search option, learn them a few “bashes”, which will make it easier for them to search on youtube (… !yt) or other sides directly from the browser search bar.
and i’d setup darkmode on youtube and duckduckgo for them probs and show them the option to disable or enable it.


If she’s only doing browser stuff, ChromeOS. For full linux OS then Mint w/ cinnamon, Kubuntu, and DeepinOS are nice.

Honestly Chromes sync all the things would be useful if something happens to her laptop and she needs a new one; she doesn’t have to ‘redo’ everything


Both chrome/chromium and Firefox would work well, still going to plug firefox over the others if only because I don’t use the first two so hard to recommend them going by what other people say. If you are talking about actual old people I would run it by them before adding an add blocker since some sites detect that and don’t like it and that just adds more confusion. Probably want to show them how to use and disable the add blocker for certain site’s then expect every other call for the next 6 years from them to be about how to use the add blocker.


why would u throw her into the spying and restrictive insanity, that is the google ecosystem?
and given the very few files granny would have, u could tell her to regularly make backups on anything, hell a usb stick for example.

i would care about my granny being free of spying and all trackers as good as possible and being as free as possible and oh dear chromeos certainly wouldn’t provide that.


Literally just put falkon on the machine and call it good. You can’t break it and old ladies can’t put it in some ancient baltic language


Forgot to mention the best addon ever.

  • Dissenter


“Here’s your new ipad”


  1. it will get updates as required whether or not she thinks to do it
  2. it will just work, in general
  3. she can get help from every man and his dog for any issues she has
  4. if it breaks pretty much anywhere in the world with an apple outlet, she can get it fixed.
  5. for the things she is doing, a general purpose OS running on a computer is overkill and far less convenient, less portable, less versatile, etc.

If she had to have a linux box, it would be running Gnome and Firefox.


Linux OS + Firefox + uBlock + Privacy Badger


Great recommendation. We gave our IPad 1 (First Gen OG IPad) to my Grandma. She’s playing some Majong, Browsing and plaing Solitaire. Her Hands are problematic as she can’t properly grab or press on things anymore. The touch interface works flawless for her though. And she doesn’t mind it’s old and slow, she is too :wink: Haven’t had a single support call in 2 years from her.


My grandma is mostly using an ipad as well for most everything. She only needs to go on the computer for taxes


Yeah that’s what I was getting at.

IF support is required it is readily obtainable. But chances are she won’t even need it.

But if she does, she isn’t limited to calling ME about it.


Thanks for awesome answers! Got some good insight from this for days to come.
And really, if you get asked to fix… bye!


This worked for our granny too.

However, the support calls started when she took the free android phone from the phone company to look at the family whatsapp chat…

2 systems too much system

Obviously, I would have told her to get ‘more of the same’ instead of something different. But she said the iphone was expensive and this one was free… so fair enough I guess.

But, not sure how much it would have helped considering for as long as I can think I had to add/update/delete her phone numbers…