2019 and browser

It’s now year 2019 and your grandma ask you to fix her machine for internet use.
She’s not yet integrated to google, so you have a lot to choose from.
What Browser would you choose for her, would it be safe to use and easy to use? Also what browser extensions would be must have.
She will get linux based OS.

ps. Gentoo and w3m is not option for her.
pps. if you ever end up in this situation, my 2 cents are: Run Forest RUN! (pps.<-edited from ps2.)

Oh btw, This is hypothetical situation. My Grandma and grandpa are dead by many years already. This will help me to form idea what to recomend for the rest of the family and their friends who are told “my son is a computer wiz”… and you are like oh noes!

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Chrome. It’s easy to use and safe.

I’ll be back to add more.

Honey, my mom uses this, it’s an extension that automatically finds discount/promotion codes for you anytime you’re on a shopping site. So it saves you money. :slight_smile:


Honey, that could be handy. They will sell your data, like slavery was a norm for sure, but thats my price for the service then XD

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  • uBlock Origin
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Bitwarden

PPS would be proper rather than ps2.

Anyways, Chrome along with uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere would cover the basic needs.

If in the same house as you, a pi-hole would be a pretty good addition.

As for Linux distribution, I’d say Ubuntu would probably be a good choice.


What does this mean?

PS = post script
PPS = post-post script


Edited, thanks.

Grandma gets Debian Stable running Cinnamon.

Firefox ESR as the browser, with uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials pre-installed.


Firefox + DuckDuckGo + uBlock Origin

And I’d give her Lubuntu

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To give maybe a third and forth option:
Brave is Chrome compatibility without Google. Including Extensions. I’ve been using it for some time and enjoy it quite a bit. The Adblocker is good enough to leave uBlock out for me.

Vivaldi is a great option if you need something configurable. Especially for older people having the option to change the UI in Color and size can be a great accessebility option. Plus it’s the only Browser left with vertical tabs.

In terms of extensions i agree with most that’s been said already. uBlock, HTTPS Everywhere, a Password Manager and maybe Disconnect.

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Mint + Chrome with uBlock origin and HTTPS everywhere would be my choice in OPs situation.

My mom has this 5 years old laptop and I’m planing to install either Mint or Ubuntu to her computer. She did try Mint with Cinnamon couple years ago and liked it a lot, so I most likely go with Mint.

For browser, I’ll install both FF and Chrome, with uBlock origin and HTTPS everywhere on both, and let her use chose which browser to use.


My extended family that asked to fix their pc runs mostly Elementary and it’s been great, every couple of years i install the latest version and they manage the rest themselves. Browser wise i set them up with chrome with some extensions. I never have to come over and fix stuff it’s great. My mom and dad run Fedora 29 with gnome and dash to dock, has been running great too no issues.

Lately i’ve been thinking of putting everyone on Solus so i don’t even have to come and upgrade their systems anymore. Though the rolling release and possible breakages give me pause, i’m testing it on my laptop and it seems fine though :man_shrugging:


Chrome, auto-update, ABP/Ublock, password manager.


Vivaldi anybody? To me it’s epic. The added functionality is just mind blowing. There are a few quirks on linux where the google search bar is off center but nothing to major. I am using it with up to 20 tabs max. The chrome extentions also work I mean in the end it’s a chromium browser.


My mother in law just turned 70. A few years back, I put her on Ubuntu and gave her Chrome and Firefox. She’s familiar with both of them from her time on Windows. I haven’t given her any browser extensions or anything. Just putting her on Linux was enough to not have me re-OS’ing her computer every year.

But I do plan to introduce her to password managers. She’s kind of got the idea already. She has a spreadsheet with URLs, usernames, and passwords. She has lamented about how cumbersome it is, so I think she’s just about ready to move to something more reasonable.

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I agree, but I would not make my grandmother use it.
The added complexity makes it harder to use than the just bog standard chromium/firefox, unless you plan to fully manage her computer and don’t mind the questions every time there is a new update

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I gave my mom an old laptop I got a new battery for and installed mint with MATE but cinnamon is basically the same experience for her.

The built in one with chrome using a synced account is actually :ok_hand:

I havent heard a peep from her about issues.

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Meh. Nobody should be using google trash anyways. kek


I put my moms on a Solus laptop almost two years ago. I’m not a Chrome fan, so she has both Firefox and Vivaldi to choose from (yes, I know that Vivaldi is based on Chrome, but I don’t trust Alphabet with my history). Both browsers have HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger installed. The search engine is DDG.

She used to call literally every few days to complain about Windows. Now, I have to call her every so often to make sure that she is still alive and kickin’.