2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees. Thoughts? Do you even care?

All right today is the day that the nominee list has been released as follows:

  • Bad Brains
  • Chaka Khan
  • Chic
  • Depeche Mode
  • Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)
  • The J. Geils Band
  • Jane's Addiction
  • Janet Jackson
  • Joan Baez
  • Joe Tex
  • Journey
  • Kraftwerk
  • MC5
  • Pearl Jam
  • Steppenwolf
  • The Cars
  • The Zombies
  • Tupac Shakur
  • Yes

What are your thoughts? Do you even care? Notice any glaring omissions or questionable inclusions? (I sure as hell do). Discussion and healthy debate is more than welcome. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

Ouh! Kraftwerk! Nice!
I don´t care. I don´t care about Oscars or any other price. Either I like something or I don´t. What do these awards have to do with that?

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meh not really. imo your more interesting the this award thingy.

no homo

I agree with more than half this year which is good considering they like throwing artists up there that don't deserve it.

It still triggers me to this day that they are not sticking to rock artists. Sure Tupac was a great rapper and an absolute legend but he doesnt belong in to the rock n roll hall of fame. But since nwa and a few others are already in, i hope tupac makes it too

Pearl Jam, nice.

The only ones on this list that I even recognize.

Journey is in, The Cars are in, Pearl Jam is in sooner or later, Jane's Addiction is in eventually, Depeche Mode is in, and Bad Brains is in because we live in a PC world now (not bad music, but not hall of fame).

No, I don't care.

Yes needs to be up there. I'm surprised they aren't already. Apparently Rap counts as rock and roll, but Prog Rock doesn't. They've been eligible since 1994 but have never gotten a place.

I had a Yes phase through high school. I got hooked on my dad's Union and Keys to Ascension CDs and whenever I got an iTunes gift card for any reason, I'd use it on another Yes album. I'm still a huge fan - just not as psychotic and insane as I was back then.

So what bands do you think deserve to be in there that aren't yet? Just off the top of my head: Iron Maiden, Foreigner, Styx, Boston, Grand Funk Railroad, Ozzy Osbourne (in as black sabbath but his solo career is just as deserving), Ronnie James Dio, Doobie Brothers, Bad Company, Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Yes, I understand the idea of an establishment for music that has been predominantly anti-establishment leads to a lot of questionable decisions and it seems like a flawed idea from the outset... But it still irks me that Iron Maiden isn't in there... I will not be satisfied until I see their name on the list of inductees.

If Tupac wins over Steppenwolf and you hear the sound of Harley's I would run......far away.

Depeche Mode definitely needs to be up there.. The Cure also needs to be up there but aren't.

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I don't care.

Tupac Shakur... the.... rapper? Huh?


Run DMC got indicted.

To answer the question, I don't give a fuck. I just want to enjoy good music.

Run DMC makes sense though as they kind of mixed rock and hip hop. Whats more questionable is NWA, who already got indicted. I dont really care because I like all of them, but I still wanted to point that out. Either way, if NWA made it, than so should tupac

I can agree with Tupac.

The just need to change the name of 'the rock and roll hall of fame'. They inducted many artists who weren't in the rock / metal genre of music. Kraftwerk isn't rock and roll and they are up there.

Most of the artists you see in the line-up either had a one hit wonder that changed music or are up there cause of their impact. People can say what they want about hip hop and rap as a genres of music, but Tupac Shakur was definitely impactful whether you like it or not.

Tupac was a legend.