2016 Tech Black Friday Guide

It's Thanksgiving. So that means... ugh, well first of all it means "Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you glorious bastards are all having a wonderful day! If you're not, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm happen to be home alone today, myself."

The other thing it means is lots and lots of sales. I don't see any threads for this year going on yet, so I figured I'd start one. I have a few picks I'd like suggestions on, but feel free to make this thread a free for all discussion for anyone wanting to know anything about the sales this year. If you are looking to upgrade or build a brand new PC specifically in relation to this weekend, drop your questions here and I and others will do what we can to answer them.

For me, I'd like an upgrade now if it means saving money on something that would cost more later. I currently run a FX-6300 CPU and a GTX 760 4GB special edition GPU. They've been a great pair and they've served me well, easily dealing with games like Guild Wars 2 and even being just good enough to pleasantly run fully modded HD Skyrim. I also do all my video rendering and Krita (think Photoshop specifically designed for painters) projects on this machine. This workhorse isn't going to last forever and I'll never go 1440p with it. I already know I will be waiting for Zen to come out (whether I go Red or Blue at that point is irrelevant) to see where the CPU market is at that point. But if I can get a newer GPU or a 1440p monitor for a reduced price now, I'd like to. In you guys' opinion, what's my best bet? I'd like to spend no more than $350 (I am in the US in case that's relevant to your search). Have a great card in mind (preferably 8GB, but 6 will be ok) or a nice 1440p, 24 or 27" monitor you know is on sale?

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Decided to buy myself an extended mouse pad from this site. Everything is 50% off in that store if you use the promo code "HALFLIFE3", though standard shipping is $8.

You want to spend $350 on both the monitor and GPU or just the GPU itself?

Here is a cheap 1440p Korean monitor that I have bookmarked since it could overclock above 96Hz. Only thing not impressive about it is the stand.

Here's a reddit filter on r/buildapcsales that shows GPU sales. LINK

Heading to bed but if you need more info, I can help you in the next 9 or so hours.

BTW this thread exist:

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I've never understood the alure for long mouse pads. I suppose if I had a bigger desk that wasn't so cluttered I might try one though. Is Epicpants and Logan's designs still a thing or nah?

$350 on one or the other. I ended up finding an amazing deal already though. I got an Asus Radeon RX 480 for $270. It's the one with 3 fans and the LED lighting and black metal backplate. This card is roughly twice as powerful in every way to my current GTX 760. Twice the VRAM, twice the shader units, twice everything, except for clock speed (that's only 30% higher, but all in all this will be a huge upgrade).

Nifty monitor! But wait, 96hz, doesn't that mean it's capped at 30FPS?

Hah, not sure how I missed that thread. Thanks for that and the reddit link.

The mouse pad is both for the keyboard and mouse and it is just big enough to fit my desk.

96Hz as in 96 frames per second. The monitor's normal refresh rate is 60Hz but can be overclocked to 120Hz however from what I read, 96Hz is possible for all monitors. Past that and some may not reach 120Hz and be stable at the same time.

Good that you found a video card for your needs.

I had always thought that the Hz rate equaled the maximum frame rate that could be described. But what is the deal with the whole "double plus 1 (or was it 2)" thing with monitors?

Ty for this link. I've seriously spent the day looking for a good deal on a 1440 monitor.

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At LAN Syndicate, I managed to get my X-Star DP2710 to 120Hz just barely. Anything above that caused the monitor to hang and just not accept inputs. Had to "borrow" a monitor to reset the profile to default.

So it can be done, and the DP2710s are beautiful monitors.

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