2015 New me New PC lol

Okay, first off thanks for reading this post, all critics and thoughts and ideas and suggestions will be much appreciated.

So let get to the bear bones shall we? I am building a new pc for my self with my income tax return so I want to splurge a bit ish.

So first I will list off what I have decided for sure I'm putting the build and then I will list what I am not so sure on. What will I use it for? 1440p gaming, Rendering streaming, video 3d modeling and some photo shop.


So I want to make it a X99 build, built to last you know the E series pretty good for that

  • I know for sure I want a reference design gtx 980, I'm thinking about getting the evga gtx sc 980
  • I want a full modular power supply at least 850W Black Sleaved cables are a must.
  • The case of my choice is the Corsair Graphite Series 760T White Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Windowed Gaming Case with two 140mm white LED fans
  • I am open to other suggestions for the Motherboard, I'm currently eying down the Asus X99 Deluxe mainly for aesthetics but hey silver is my favorite color.
  • I'm torn between the 5820k and the 5930k I know the difference is base/boost clock frequency and more pci express lanes, just that price =/
  • I have no preference in ram to be honest so any suggestions here will be much appreciated don't know much about ddr4 yet. All I know is I want at least 16gb.
  • I know for sure I want a Boot SSD, but I don't know what's the best config, i.e like if I should just use a single ssd for boot or 2 ssd's in a raid config for boot times and read and write speeds, I'm looking for the best bang for my buck storage to speed ratio.
  • I do want a suggestion for a good storage drive, I'm not sure if a regular hd will suffice or if I should get a Hybrid of ssd/disk hd.
  • I want a closed loop cpu water cooler like a corsair h100i I just want to know which is the best.
  • I want basic white led lighting, so any suggestions on good led strip brands will be greatly appreciated. 
  • My last question is I want a 1440p monitor, I just don't know if I should just a regular one or save my money and buy a g-sync monitor. My monitor preferences are just basically good picture quality like a ips display full led.

Lots of great info except for one thing.

What's your budget?

oh budget well I'm trying to stay between 2600 and 3100 depends on the item that puts me over budget and it's impact of the part can make on my build wither or not I will go over it.

Sounds like you want this monitor 

It should be released in 2 months and would definitely be a premium option,

but with your budged you could invest in a nice monitor.

Monitor looks sweet looks like I will just have to suffice with my temp monitors lol until it comes out.

Abelardo you look like Sam Smith.

Stay with me?



(j/k about the stay with me part)

just one quick question. Why reference design, does that just mean reference pcb? for watercooling? 

well here is what i got for you.


the gpu is a reference designed PCB, just not a reference cooler( bit sure if u wanted just the pcb or what).

If i were you id go 4k or wait a little for the new monitors coming out soon. their is both 4k ips gsync and 1440p Gsync, as well as other new monitors 

Nice System man am sure with a few tweaks here n there your final new build will  be awesome.

I get the sam smith thing more than I like but it's always a good laugh lol. Thanks Grassyloki looks nice, what I meant by reference design was the GPU I like the gun metal look of the gtx gpu reference design from nvidia