2014 1000 dollar gaming pc help

Always hated pc and loved mac but now i am going to pc for gaming so any help would be much appreciated this is my first time building a pc btw anyways i need a list of really the best possible parts for a gaming pc including the software it mus be from $1000-1200 and i need an ssd not sure if the hard drive is important as well just for the extra storage sorry if i said anything stupid up there but yeah please help

Here's something  to start off with.  I assume you aren't going to be overclocking.  This also has no Wifi, but ethernet is so much better than WiFi anyway.



White stylized build. enjoy

i would also get a aftermarket cpu cooler so if someone could recommend a white one that would work it would look cool

This is 50 bucks more but hell of a board.


I'm sure you will appreciate the wi-fi.  And they are good for gaming.  I have the Z77-v Pro with wireless and gaming is just as good as ethernet.  And that's single band Wireless n.

It's a convenience worth paying for.

r9 290, quad core, 240 gb ssd


^ I extremely recommend this build! It has everything you need and you don't have to bother with overclocking the CPU - all at the expense of a thousand dollars.

Why a 4100...?

I would sigest this

Mind you that's in what I believe to be pounds, also a Xeon is ridiculously expensive and made for servers. The rest of the build seems alright.

Looks like US Dollars to me.

Xeons are indeed server parts.  However, what people don't really understand is that on the LGA1150/LGA1155 platform, they are locked i7s with no integrated graphics.  Gaming performance on them is equivalent to a similarly clocked i7.

if you compare the price with the 


and the 


you can say that it is ridiculous but no expensive, consider you would get the performance of the i7 4770 only $44 more than the i5 4690k and the exclusive server Xeon families are the E5 and E7 with socket 2011

Frankly I find even the 4690k isn't necessary, you are paying a solid price tag for the namesake, also the performance gains on the Devil's Canyon series aren't enough to warrant the *slightly higher price tag on both the processor and the motherboard. Frankly when it comes to processor choice we're limited considering AMD's best offering's are, while good choices, outdated.