200mm Fan Mounted On Top Of Phanteks Enthoo Pro


do any of you guys have a 200mm fan mounted at top of the Phanteks Enthoo Pro? How did you mount it? Seriously, the mounting holes on top of the case for the fan locations are way too small! Was going to put a 200mm fan (same as the Phanteks 200mm fan that came with the case) there, but will have to drill bigger holes or come up with a clever way to mount it. Just wanted to see what you guys have done before I drilled the holes bigger. That is, IF I decide to drill the holes bigger. biggrin.gif

If you have any pics of 200mm fans on top of the Pro, please post them. Would love to see them.

By the way, first post on the forums.

Thanks in advance, guys! 

Yes a 200mm can fit in the top, I used to have one in the top. You need to use the screws that mount fans to the HDD cages, the holes to do it are already there and threaded. Sadly the documentation is a bit lacking when it comes to fan support and needed hardware to attach fans to certain places. No modding should be done to the case.

P.S. I recommend using a phanteks 200mm if you plan to use it in the top because it is designed to be used with phanteks own fans

zip ties

Thanks, guys.