$2000 build

I have a build im looking at, and im interested to see what else someone could do. I'd prefer a 780, because I will be gaming at 1440p. I also like the mATX form factor, in preferrably a corsair 350d. Thanks.


Here's an intel build with a 7970 GE


Here's an AMD build with the same gpu


But if youre set on the 780

heres the amd with the 780


and the intel with the 780

the 780 is generally faster but the 7970 is cheaper. If youre not gonna game on ultra at 1440p then i suggest getting the 7970

i made this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1fJTB

i think this has everything you want so far. and ifc its micro atx as you like.

4670K, 8GB 1866 cas 9,1TB single platter, GTX780 with backplate, asus mobo, pretty decent Heatsink and 630w PSU all inside the 350D

I'm not an expert on 1440p monitors and I don't give advice on stuff I'm not good at, but they are about 600 bucks so I made a $1400 build

wait do you already have one or was that included in the price? if not add a second 780 to that list