$200 gaming GPU

A friend of mine had is GPU burn out today and wants to get a new one for under $200. What is the best gaming GPU you can suggest for under that price? 

A 7870 would cost upward of 170, but newegg frequently has deals on 7950s that put it at or just under 200 dollars. Those come with 3 instead of 2 games, 1gb more vram and a bit more mojo.

You migh be able to save that gpu by backing it (Remove anything you can, cooler etc, preheat the oven to 130-150 c°, put it in there elevated on little balls of kitchen foil and keep it in there a few minutes so the solder melts a little bit)

Not worth saving it. he wants a new one (and I agree) he has an old GTS 250

Just a Ques how did he burn it 

If possible, I recommend getting this GPU...


It's definitely worth the extra $15.  If your buddy can't afford it, then I'd shoot for this...


Either way, it'll be a huge upgrade from his GTS 250.

Newegg has a 7950 for 190 after rebates right now


granted, it doesnt have the best cooler, but its going to do just fine for the money  as long as your friend wont jack up the voltage and overclock it to the max.

7950s can be found for under $200 at this time. That includes the MSI Twin Frozr, and possibly the HIS IceQ X2 Turbo (the dual fan).

3 free games.