20+4 connector not clicking in

Hey guys, this is my first time building a PC and I'm so frustrated right now..

I'm trying to plug the power supply (Corsair CX500M)

into the motherboard (ASRock H87M Pro4 Micro ATX LGA1150)


the connector gets about 80% into the socket with a good amount of pressure and then it won't go any further, I'm afraid of breaking the motherboard by putting more force on it. The clip is about 2mm from sliding under the ridge.

I have tried wiggling it, making sure I'm putting it in right and trying the 4 pin connector by itself (it fit in). I don't have a good knowledge of the plug but I can't see much wrong with the connections and there is definitely no debris inside them.

Am I screwed?  I'm guessing that one of the connections is faulty ( but hopefully not ). If the motherboard is the broken one, I will be really really annoyed.


Can you guys help me?


I've had the same problem, make sure the 4 pin connector is attached properly to the 20 pin connector and keep trying. Try putting one end in first for each end, try putting it in straight, etc. it'll go in eventually.

it does actually take quite a bit of force to put the 24 pin connector in. I remember my first build and being surprised at how much force I had to use. I could see the motherboard pcb flexing a bit just before the clip clicked. make sure the 4 pin is on the 20 pin right and just go for it. If the mb is in your computer and on all the standoffs, it should be fine. If not, put it on a box and just shove it in. Its actually easier to install the 24 pin before installing the motherboard in the case.

Hey guys thanks for the help, I got it working!

Now that i have put it together, when I turn it on it gives me the message "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key?"    I have a HDD and SSD plugged in (although neither has an OS yet). Any ideas? Should I make a new thread?

well if nothing has an OS then it can't boot. Install an OS to one of your drives then it will boot up properly.