2 x 290x or 295x2

I'm moving from a asus hd 7850 to something a lot larger and i don't know whether to go for a couple of 290x's or go all out on a 295x2 but i don't know which one to get.

Which one would you guys get and why?

Also if a 290x what make. I would normally go for Asus but its open for controversy! 

Thanks guys!

I would choose a single 290x, it should give you pleeeeenty of power. ASUS are good. Most brands are worth considering. Sapphire Toxic edition would be a good choice for thermal performance and acoustic performance. I think it is one of the highest overclocking 290x cards.

i would go for a R9-290 Asus direct CUII OC or Sapphire Tri X OC. For gaming there is not much of a diffrence between a 290 and a 290X. not worth the price diffrence between those 2cards, unless you do video rendering on open CL, then offcourse a 290X would be a  better choice.

But offcourse depending on where you life, you could also concider a GTX780-Ti instead. Depending on the prices.