2 way SLI/crossfire equal to 290x performance?

Ok, here's the scenario. My brother is finishing his 4 years in the Navy, getting out in July. He was stationed at Camp Lemonierre South Africa. Anyways, I wanna surprise him with his first gaming rig. I have a build in mind already, and have ordered some parts. What I want to know is what are 2 video cards that I can SLI/Crossfire that are about equal to 290x in performance/price? I don't mind if AMD or Nvidia, just looking to get about 290x cost/performance, but not with just 1 290x. I wanna impress him with this build and I think 2 graphics card with a nice window and show inside would really set it off. Can you guys give me an idea what 2 cards I can buy that are equal? 2 270x? maybe, he will be gaming at 1080p while more than 2gb would be nice, i think he could live with 2.


I'd say go for two 280s or 280x's

270(x)'s are notoriously hit or miss in crossfire so I'd stay away from them. Gtx 960's are about 290x level at 1080p. 280x's, 280's or 285's will be a little faster then the 290x in games with good scaling.  

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