2 TB Hardrive or 2 1 TB hard drive?

Should i get 2 TB harddrive or get 2 harddrives 1tb each

just get a 2tb its cheaper unless you need speed then raid0 two 1tb drives together for 2tb of storage

RAID 0 shouldn't even be supported; it's awful. If you want speed, go for RAID 5 for the added reliability.

Well, if you have 2 separate 1 TB HHDs, if one fails, you still have the other.

What do people mean by RAID 5? i dont understand raid lol


well if one fails just ask NSA for a backup


ill just get a SSD then, whats the differnce between samsung 840, and 840 pro, how mcuh faster is it in boot time on windows 8?.



EDIT: if i dont get ssd will only 1 hard drive be enough(1TB or 2 TB)?

Pro has a much faster write and a little bit faster read. Also, the Pro Series comes in a 256GB SSD and the normal 840 series is 250GB(if you decide thats the size range that you want.) It won't be much faster in booting, but will be in installing things.

If i jut get 1 hard drive(2TB) will it be enough, i dont install alot of things just like 5 games, and OS

It will be plenty, You could just get a 250ish GB SSD if you only play a couple of games though. It will be much faster than an HDD for everything.

Ok thanks, i dont have the moeny currently maybe in the next year or so ill jut grap a SSD and format both harddrives and install OS

Yeah, you could really just grab like a 500GB HDD and save up for a decent SSD if you so choose.

since im  getting fractal r4 windowed version(with phanteks14pe)


how should i do the case fans airflow, in total i will hvave 6 case fans(max)

All my fans go in the same way, lol, about all I can tell you.

how fast is the boot time on HDD compared to SSD on widows 8?

My computer can boot in as little as 8 seconds, 20 seconds is usually max.

and u have HDD ?

that is little time for hdd i guess it is SDD but how mcuh boot time for HDD

No, I have an SSD. Never booted windows 8 off an HDD.