2 PCs, 2 very different DL speeds. HELP

The case in question is my father's and my pc.
his is a shitty pre-built, gets 60+ down, mine struggles to break 10. I cant watch YT vids and I can forget about twitch streams.
My upload speed is like it should be, in the 50s.
-tried unpluggin everything but my ethernet from the mode,/router (this suggested that my cable being double the length of the other one is not a factor
-tried changing ethernet slot
-already in full duplex
-tried updating the lan drivers from my mobo's page (asus h81-plus)

what is your os and ethernet card?

What cat cable? What speed are the ports capable of?

Did you actually try changing the cable? Its entirely possible a faulty cable could be the cause.

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Sounds like a 10/100 port is the cause.

win7. realtek pcie gbe

cat 5e. How do I check their speed?

I'll try using the other cable tomorrow morning. But wouldnt a faulty or damaged cable not work period? Also the fact that this started when we started having problems on our network is fishy and looks like this is a problem on the isp side

some more info/how to fix it?

you need a a 10/100/1000 port or better. either on your pc or your router. try switching your and your fathers ports in the router. if nothing changes, your Ethernet port on your pc is the problem.

unless it's the cable which is possible.

A bad crimp on a cable can still function, usually at reduced speeds.
I had a similar problem with my NAS at few months ago. Had a bad crimp on the cable. Swap cables and see what happens. Also check the connections on the cable from the wall to the router/switch.

the h81plus mobo's lan port is a "gigabit LAN controller" according to asus' site. I still have to try pluggin my pc with my dad's cable

I'm afraid of that possibility. in that case I am fucked, since I cant just switch the 2 cables: my cable goes up to the ceiling in the router's room, through a wall, across the attic, through another wall and across my room on the ceiling. getting it in place was a pain in the ass. even to check if there's a crimp in the attic I might have to empty it and do some acrobatics shit. I hope bringing my pc in the room and pluggin it doesnt solve the problem, it would be easier to get a new mobo than to get a new cable in place

Did you crimp the cable yourself or was it a pre-made cable?

If it's just one of the crimped ends, then you shouldn't have to replace it.

oh, wait a sec.
since I'm not a native eng speaker I looked up "crimp" and I thought it was some kind of compression or damage at some point in the cable. instead you meant it as the act of making the plug part...it was not pre-made. a tech came and crimped the ends himself

yeah try switching you and your dads cables.

So yeah, test your computer where your dad's is, or get a long enough cable to reach the router from your room to test with. If everything's okay, then it may be a very simple fix of re-doing the cable ends provided you have the tools. :)

reputable technology company's are made of people. people are often replaced with other sometimes less talented people who do not deserve their reputation that comes with the job. had some bad experience with people and Ethernet cables improperly crimped.
tldr do a packet loss test.

Ok, I FINALLY was able to test. Plugged my pc into the other ethernet, got 15 there as well, so I said "well then it's my PC". I then unplugged it and tested my father's and he did 15 as well. My pc still does 10ish in my room but that is maybe the cable length.
So, the problem seems to be ISP-side.
I'll run the tests again later in the day

"Unable to test packet loss".
Made outbound rules in firewall and java is installed.