2 motherboard batteries died issue

Hey guys,

I have a previous posted about cmos battery. After replacing the old one from bios issues and got it solved, I noticed that the same issues are happening again(time and config reset). It seems like the battery is dead again. Can it be the powersupply that's causing this or the motherboard itself?

Btw, I only use the pc on weekends and it is unplugged on the wall in weekdays.


Such a strange problem. I would say that it's because it spends a lot of time unplugged but i have left systems for years and they have kept their time.

Unplugging for a week at a time shouldn't do that.

Are you buying name brand for your CR2032s?

It's from Panasonic which I think is a decent brand, right?

Yeah, I think so.

Just an update guys, the motherboard is really defective. I end up replacing it with an Asus board. I'm hoping it will last more than a year compare to the gigabyte it replaced.