2 Monitors Capable?

Just built a computer with a Geforce GTX 750ti, for the purpose of being able to use dual monitors. I was told by an employee that this was good. However, the gpu only has an HDMI and 1 DVi port. The mother board has a DVI port too but I don't know if that works. Both monitors only support DVi, should i just use a DVi splitter? Any info will help

I hope I worded this ok.

Hdmi to dvi cable, problem solved.

I love you lol. I've been stressing over it, I just don't understand why he would have recommened this GPU? When it was specifically being built for dual monitors?

Because an HDMI port and a DVI port allows you to use two monitors. It's not his fault that he didn't know your monitor setup. There are also some 750 TI models that have dual DVI and dual HDMI.

That's true. Sorry, just got stressed my first time building a computer and that was the video card recommended, I should have just double checked though

Although HDMI and DVI are on some cards configured in such a way that only either of them works, not both at the same time. I do not know of any GPU that does not support at least two monitors.

Alright thanks. Would a dvi splitter work if it's only one or the other? This 750 ti only has 1 hdmi 1 dvI and 1 display port..any suggestion best was for dual monitors?

You'll be fine. Just order a HDMI Male to DVI Female converter and you'll be able to use a normal DVI cable that goes to your monitor. Or a cable that does the same thing. Doesn't really matter which direction you go.

It's all digital, so the signal is the same on all three of them. There will be no difference due to the connector and cable.

A quick google tells me that you probably will be able to use DVI and HDMI at the same time. So you need a DVI-DVI cable and an HDMI-DVI cable. (If by some freak chance you cannot use HDMI and DVI in parallel, you will be needing a displayport to HDMI adapter, so your HDMI-DVI cable is still correct).

DVI Splitter need a Dual-link DVI port. But since you are going to be needing two cables anyway you can go ahead and order them. HDMI-DVI cables should not be expensive (no need for higher spec cables).

If you have to do some work on your desk as well it is maybe interesting to think about monitor arms so you won't waste deskspace for all those monitor feet. Those start at around 60 Bucks I think. There are desk-clamping versions as well as wall-mounted.

No need to apologize. You're learning, and that's the important thing. Though it was stressful, I hope you enjoyed the experience. May it be the first of many builds.

Wow you guys have been awesome with my questions, really appreciate it. I was just wondering for future reference though Garfield, where can you look at the specs on the video care where it would tell you if it can support both ports being used at the same time.

I'm only asking, because just yesterday I was told inorder to have dual display I have to use the DVI on my motherboard and then use the other DVi on the GPU. ONLY WAY.

I also feel like I left out a crucial part, I don't want to mirror the monitors I want dual display.