2 monitors 2 backgrounds in Ubuntu GNOME 3

So how abouts do i get different backgrounds on both my monitors in GNOME 3? Nitrogen doesent work in GNOME 3, and ive come up short googling, so ive turned to the helpdesk. :D

Well I found this: https://ubuntu4questions.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/using-different-wallpapers-on-multiple-monitors-gnome-2-compiz/

Hope it helps ,I am not with gnome.

You can get a program called "Nitrogen"

as i said, nitrogen does not work in GNOME 3,

Im sorry, but bump, if its not possible, let me know.

Oh, sorry didn't notice your comment there, but I had Gnome on one of my machines and I had Nitrogen installed, so I am sure it works

Im not sure this is somthing GNOME 3.* allows (its really easy in KDE for example). Its really feature lacking in a number of areas especially from 2 > 3 so old documentation doesnt usually apply. You could try feh and have it set background at login, though you'll need to look at how it works with multiple monitors as ive only used it on single monitors.

theres maybe some setting somewhere in gconf

Have you tried to just ghetto it and just add the 2 wallpaper together in gimp to make one wallpaper and then use that?

If you can't get it going, maybe you could use an alternative solution like Variety - it automatically downloads wallpapers every X minutes and sets a new wallpaper every Y minutes. It's not the same as having two different wallpapers but it makes it more interesting.

That worked, just ghetto'd it together, worked perfect.