2 monitor KVM split input?


I’m shopping around for a KVM since I’m re-doing my home office, and am annoyed by having to manually switch inputs (I know, first-world problems). Basically, my setup will be 2 monitors and 3 computers.

I’m pretty much ready to order the L1 2x4 KVM when it’s in stock, but there is one feature that is not mentioned, but I hope it has (or there is some kind of solution / workaround for). Occasionally, I would like to map the video from PC1 to Monitor1 and PC2 to Monitor2. Obviously, only one computer would have input and control over the USB devices, but, I would like the video to keep displaying from the computer on the other monitor. Is this possible?

Sorry, cannot do this currently.

aww, that’s disappointing. Is this something that might be added in a future firmware update, or is it just not possible to do with the hardware as is?

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