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Im looking to get rid of my google nexus 7 as I personally feel the tablet concept is dead, I would rather have a large phone than a 7 inch tablet, and 10inch tablets are pointless as far as I'm concerned, they are not portable and if something is important enough to use a 10 inch screen then its important enough to use a proper computer for.

anyway, I really only use my tablet for watching movies in bed with and never use it for social media or internet browsing etc... as my phone has taken over that.

what I want

I am looking to get rid of my nexus 7 for something larger and more productive when away from my workstation

I need the following

• between 10-13inch touchscreen
• With keyboard preferable
• Runs full windows 10
• Sleek build
• Able to run x86 Programs
• Battery life (8-14hrs)
• 1080 screen or higher
• Midrange tablet price - although this is flexible
• preferably has USB (Full size)
• storage isnt an issue as I will connect it to my NAS

I like the look of the newest asus transformers but I doubt they are that powerful?

So not a high budget?


Might be your best bet, i5 4gbs of RAM, in a YOGA 3, used though, just make sure the display isn't crap, like 768p

So ya, in whatever you buy, 4+gbs of RAM, Good display 1080p IPS hopefully, if not then 800p

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is the surface 3 worth a look?

I like keyboards, so for me that'd be a no, but the displays probably aren't too bad

Course I'd just get an old thinkpad throw in an SSD and call it a day, unless you actually want battery life that is.