2 in 1 Recommendations

I am looking for 2 in 1 recommendations, no chromebooks. No limits really including budget. Just want the newest/best hardware to make it last longer. Usage is normal(school/regular) no specific software or any really intensive work being done on it. I heard good things about Microsoft surface, I customized one on the website and it seems to be about $1700 USD( i7-1065G7, 512gb ssd,16gb ram), so lets say that is the max for budget unless there is a good reason to go over. Would like at least 4 cores and 4/8 threads with good speeds, minimum 8gb ram, 512gb NVME at minimum(additional m.2 slot would be great for future expand-ability), wifi 6. Anything I did not think of or you think differently let me know, I am open to all suggestions.

seems like the best value for the best hardware is something like this Dell Inspiron 17 7000 2-in-1 Laptop | Dell USA


IMO, I recommend against all Microsoft laptops since they’re generally hard/impossible to repair if something goes wrong, they thermal throttle hard, lack of I/O, and they lack upgradability.

This may be controversial, but I’m a fan of Dell’s 2-in-1’s. I love their keyboards (more then Lenovo’s) and like their IPS displays.

I currently own a Fujitsu T938 (2-in1, i5 8250u, 16GB ram, 512GB M.2 SSD, 1080P IPS display with included pen + touch support, removable battery). I’m a very big fan of their products. Most of their products are well built allow upgrading, but are generally more expensive. I guess you pay the Japan tax.

I can make more specific model recommendations if you provide the country you’re located in, LCD size, importance of upgradability, required I/O, used/new, etc.

USA. LCD biggest possible(17"?), upgradability is important including memory(want 2 dimm slots)/wifi/hard drive not integrated to the motherboard. New condition as I want the newest hardware. only requirements are it must be a 2 in 1 and no chromebooks like mentioned before.

Just double-checking, you want a 17" 2-in-1? For school? Do you plan to bring it to school, or mostly remain inside the house?

yes 17" want the big screen for when I use it in tablet mode.

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