2 in 1 out KVM

I am having an issue finding a 2 computer 1 console KVM that will support my LG 34" ultrawide @ 2560x1080.

I have tried an IOGear Display Port GCS62DP, but apparently if you have any converters on the console side, you get no graphics.

I also tried a star tech SV231DVIUAHR but the mouse was not recognized in Linux, and the DVI signal was either always black or flashed like crazy!

What I am trying to accomplish is to Switch between two graphics cards in the same PC, one is for the Host OS (Ubuntu 19.04) the other using IOMMU pass through to windows. I have an NVIDIA Quadro K5200 for my Host OS, and I have a RADEON RX 590 that I am trying to pass through for a Windows VM. I would like the Windows machine to take full advantage of the gaming mouse I am using (though I don’t need the feature for Linux but Would be nice to have it work in windows).

Anyone know of a decent KVM that will do what I am asking? Don’t care much about resolution beyond 2560x1080…

I am really at a lose as I spent 200 on the StarTech, and the IOGEAR was a total bust (no where in the documentation does it stipulate you cannot use a converter on the console side).

Thanks inadvance,